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Rumor: FFXV Delayed Until End of November - Please Remain Calm

13 Aug 2016


Yesterday, an article on Gamnesia popped up reporting that they had sources that informed them Final Fantasy XV would be pushed back to November 29th.

Today, Gamnesia has followed up, posting the below image from a GameStop, instructing store employees to place a change of date sticker on their current Final Fantasy XV displays.

final_fantasy_xv_launches_nov_29__large (1)

Since this rumor started, the internet has been buzzing with fans that hope the delay isn’t true. It’s understandable to a point, but some are acting like after ten years and a name change, having to wait two more months is the one thing that’s really just going to push them over the edge.

There are some people that have even gone so far as to harass authors of various outlets for even reporting on the rumor. I want to stress that fact: outlets, who report on gaming news, reported on this rumor, labeling it as a rumor, and people are complaining and attacking authors. Whether these are long time Final Fantasy fans, players fairly new to the series- it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, there is a collective group of people on the internet that need to just sit down, take a breath and chill.

Go play Final Fantasy XIV while you wait, or one of the many anticipated games coming out over the next few months.

Delays are unfortunate, but they happen all the time and ultimately a game is going to be better for them.

I’ve been waiting for this game since it was announced as Final Fantasy Versus XIII and two more months, while it can be unfortunate, is a drop in the bucket compared to how long I’ve been waiting already.