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FFXV Digital Premium Edition and Season Pass Announced

10 Aug 2016


Square Enix has revealed both a new Digital Premium Edition of Final Fantasy XV as well as a Season Pass for the game.

The newly announced Digital Premium Edition comes with the Season Pass as well as a handful of special items depending on your platform of choice.

  • Weapon: Masamune (FFXV)
  • Recolor: 16-Bit Buddies
  • Item: Angler Set
  • Recolor: Platinum Leviathan
  • Item: Camera Kit

Xbox One specific items include:

  • Avatar Item- Noctis male costume
  • Avatar Item- Noctis female costume
  • Avatar Item- Carbuncle pet prop

PlayStation 4 specific items include:

  • Final Fantasy XV Digital Mini Soundtrack
  • Theme: Final Fantasy XV- Big Bang
  • Final Fantasy XV Digital Premium Edition Original Theme (Working Title)

In addition, the Season Pass will include six different batches of DLC:

  • DLC 1: Booster Pack (Working Title)
  • DLC 2: Episode Gladio (Working Title)
  • DLC 3: Holiday Pack (Working Title)
  • DLC 4: Episode Ignis (Working Title)
  • DLC 5: Episode Prompto (Working Title)
  • DLC 6: Expansion Pack (Working Title)

If you have already purchased the Final Fantasy XV Pre-Order Bonus Back, you can upgrade to the Digital Premium Edition by searching for the Season Pass Upgrade and pre-ordering it. The Digital Premium Edition itself is also available to pre-order now on the Xbox Games Store and the PlayStation Store for $84.99. The Season Pass can be pre-ordered now as well for $24.99.