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The Lore Train: Identifying the Dead

21 Jul 2016

The Lore Train 20160721 000 Identifying the Dead Cover

It’s only been a few days since the release of the Palace of the Dead and adventurers are scrambling to the bottom to challenge an old friend and foe, both. But did you know that she is not the only figure from our past lurking in the deeps of this dungeon? There are a grand total of eight, and we’ve identified (almost) all of them. Read on for a dose of nostalgia as we remember the fallen.

Foulques of the Mist

The Lore Train 20160721 001 Foulques

“Impossible! M-My courage is…absolute…” —Duskwight Lancer

Foulques appears in the Lancer class arc, challenging the leaders of the guild at the Wailing Barracks of Gridania to duels in a bid to prove his superiority. He later relates to the adventurer that he had once been a member of the guild himself, and that he and his comrades had skimmed from the coffers to make ends meet. When he expressed a desire that they confess as a group, his friends turned on him and let him take the fall alone. He accuses the guild as a whole of cowardice, learning too late that his bare-faced aggression is a weaker sort of courage than the composure and resolve practiced by those who are true to the guild’s teachings. The realization sends him into violent denial, backing away from the adventurer … and over the edge of a nearby cliff.

Janremi Blackheart

The Lore Train 20160721 002 Janremi

“I must have that chocobo egg… It’s the only way…” Ishgardian Pikeman

Janremi appears in the Gridanian introduction of the main scenario, attempting to steal the egg of a chocobo named Leia from Moogle’s Gift Mounts. This egg, sired by a descendant of the great Ouranos (mount of Beltrant de Durendaire during the Autumn War, and the pride of Ishgardian stock), would have fetched a hefty sum on the black market were it not for the timely intervention of Kuplu Kopo, who took the egg and vanished. By the time the adventurer finds the moogle, Janremi’s band of thieves close in and attack. However, with Kuplu’s aid, the adventurer slays the thieves and returns the egg to Moogle’s Gift before any harm can come to it.

Garibald the Fargone

The Lore Train 20160721 003 Garibald

“I am undying…? Was it the elixir?” —Roughspun Ruffian

Garibald appears in the Ul’dahn introduction to the main scenario as the ringleader of a band of thieves responsible for stealing the crown of the sultana Nanamo Ul Namo. His ultimate ambition is to ransom its return to the disgraced Sultansworn on whose watch it was stolen, with that ransom taking the form of a satchel contained within the inner vaults of the city. Owyne – loyal, but desperate – delivers the satchel to Garibald only to find that it contains the Traders’ Spurn (an alchemical mixture with the power to create zombies, famed as the doom of Ul’dah’s fallen sister city, Sil’dih). This plot to create an undying army is thwarted when Papashan leads the Sultansworn in an attack on the thieves in time to re-secure both the crown and the elixir; Garibald is slain in battle.

Moose’s Note: The outfits of both Garibald and his lackeys are identical to those of the Alacran, a criminal syndicate led by Aldis in the Gladiator story arc. Both of these groups also summon voidsent when confronted. It’s likely that Garibald, too, was Alacran, and that an Ascian underling (aka black mask) sought to capitalize on their ambition, thus destabilizing the region. This machination would have collapsed before becoming a real threat, as did a similar plot to have the disenfranchised teens of Ala Mhigo become emboldened enough to summon Rhalgr.

Baenryss of the Deep

The Lore Train 20160721 004 Baenryss

“You hear that, lads? The sea’s callin’ me home…” Frenzied Freebooter

Baenryss is a member of the Serpent Reavers – pirate turncoats in thrall to the Sahagin primal Leviathan – that appear in the Lominsain introduction to the main scenario. Through the months leading up to the story, he masterminds the abduction of Lominsan citizens to be tempered by Leviathan. Diverting the attention of the Yellowjackets, his group attacks the ill-defended hamlet of Swiftperch. However, through the efforts of the adventurer, this attack is foreseen and thwarted; Baenryss is slain. However, it appears that even free from Leviathan’s grasp his soul had not yet found peace.

Dolorous Bear, Kikina, & E’manafa

The Lore Train 20160721 005 Dolorous Bear, Kikina, E'manafa

Screenshot by Yuki Sukinomoto of Excalibur

“We said we’d…make a name for ourselves…” Sword-swinging Adventurer
“Wh-What is this place? Where are the others?” Staff-spinning Adventurer
“Oh, Dolorous. Even in death…I will always…” Spear-shaking Adventurer

This trio appears early in the combined main scenario, competing with Edda’s party and the adventurer themselves to take on the job of clearing the Sastasha Seagrot. Edda is sent to acquire provisions for the excursion, but can only secure a few potions. Edda arrives back at Sastasha’s entrance only to have her party (including her fiancé, Avere) berate her for her poor management of their resources and lacking skill as a healer. Nearby, Alianne sits with her grandfather, Isildaure, at a campfire. However, despite being eager for fame and fortune, they are in no rush to charge in unprepared. Because of Edda’s delay, the adventurer that would one day be known as the Warrior of Light is the first through the Seagrot, likely causing her further torment from allies. Back at the Drowning Wench, the party of Dolorous Bear (who had missed their chance to take the job) redouble their commitment to becoming great adventurers, inspired by the stranger who had gotten the job done to the acclaim of Baderon.

A similar job appears immediately thereafter, as the Adventurers’ Guild seeks a party to rid the Tam-Tara Deepcroft of the unwelcome presence of a cult. Alianne and Isildaure enter the crypts first, only to have an elementary blinder almost cost the latter his life. They retreat as quickly as they came; Isildaure sits eating some freshly-picked fruit to regain his strength. Dolorous Bear’s party arrives shortly before the adventurer’s own party, and wishes them luck in being the first through the crypts. Yet again, the one-day Warrior of Light is the first to the depths, clearing the presence of the Lambs of Dalamud and the abomination they had summoned from the void. Back at the Carline Canopy, it is revealed that Edda’s group stole into the Deepcroft after all, but Avere had been decapitated after running out of range of Edda’s casting. Blaming her, Paiyo Reiyo and Liavinne disband the party and leave her behind, clutching her fiancé’s disembodied head and begging for forgiveness.

Not to let another opportunity pass them by, Dolorous Bear’s party races on towards Ul’dah and takes a job to clear the Copperbell Mines of the recent and terrifying appearance of hecatonchier slaves that had somehow survived entombment during a rebellion centuries ago. The adventurer arrives to find only Alianne and Isildaure, who relate that the party’s reckless optimism had lead to their deaths at the hands of the gigants. When the job is done, Edda finds the one-day Warrior of Light and informs them that she hasn’t given up, and will start her path as an adventurer anew…


The Lore Train 20160721 006 Immortal Flame

Screenshot by Yurei Saionji of Balmung

“Where are my men…?  Clovissoix, Dhavha!” Immortal Flame

As of posting, I actually have not identified this man. In fact, I’d like your help to do so!

The face and outfit of the Immortal Flame aren’t very distinct from a dozen sword-fodder NPCs, yet he would stand alone if he was not someone worthy of note. Some have speculated that he is the Flame Private tempered by Ifrit, which is possible, but notice the phrase “my men”. Who would a Flame Private command? And notice the names that he says upon his death: Clovissoix and Dhavha. As far as I can recall, this pair had no presence in A Realm Reborn, only Version 1. They were present in Jagged Crest Cave during the assault on Castrum Novum, where the Warriors of Light destroyed the lunar transmitter prior to slaying Nael van Darnus at the Rivenroad. They were led by Flame Commander Jakys Ryder, known by the codename Mad Snake (in the English version), and though an Echo sequence in the ARR main scenario revealed that Jakys died in the Calamity, Ryder didn’t look like this (perhaps with a goatee and facial tattoo, they’d be close-ish…?).

So who is this man…? Could it be that I’ve… forgotten something?

What do you think?

UPDATE: From the 3.35 Patch Notes:

  • An issue in the Palace of the Dead wherein graphics for the enemy Immortal Flame do not display correctly.

I suppose that explains a lot; thanks to kumaaaa33284 & Mholito for pointing that out!