3 thoughts on “Aetheryte Radio 92: Jumping Potion

  1. I like helping new players as much as the next guy, but you folks sound like your wearing some rose tinted glasses on this, Newbies can be just as bad ” i’m playing how I want ” ” don’t be such an elitest ” just cause i’m telling them that it would be easier FOR THEM and the group if they did it this way.

    Personally, i’m on the ” No Pot boost ” side.

  2. im looking at this from this point of view if a new player starts playing the game at lvl 60 they wont know how to play there job resulting in a bad experience/ more toxic situations when they que up to do content with other players but dont know how to play there own class/job people are going be more toxic towards these players because by the time you hit lvl 60 you should have somewhat of a grasp of how to play your role in a party. This lvl jump potion is just going make more problems then solutions all i see is SE gaining a few extra $$ from these new players for a month or 2 until they quit cause the game “hard” or there nobody that wants to teach them things that the game would have teached you.
    # NO Jumping Potion

  3. Way too many new players don’t know how to do stuff like tanking. If a level 60 boost potion existed, too many people would complain to the developers.

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