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Could Blitzball Come To FFXIV?

17 Jun 2016


This week at E3, we had the chance to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV Director/Producer Naoki Yoshida. During our interview, we inquired about the Final Fantasy X minions that will be given to players that either attend or purchase a live stream of the upcoming Fan Festivals.

Yoshida: You’ll have to wait until Fan Fest to see!

Fusionx: I have my theories!

Yoshida: Yes, please speculate!

You know what time it is? SPECULATION TIME!

Many know that when discussing 3.0, Yoshida stated that they were going to decide on whether to go “up or down”, implying the sky or the sea (possibly even below ground). With this in mind, it feels like there could be a decent chance for more water… stuff.

Now, when looking at Fan Fest, the event where it’s strongly assumed we’ll get the first news on the next expansion, we have Final Fantasy X minions. But why FFX? What could FFX have to do with 4.0- an expansion that could potentially have something to do with water?


It could be a new attraction at the Gold Saucer or even a new PvP type!

Would Blitzball be something  you’d like to see added into Final Fantasy XIV? Let us know in the comments below!