Pre-E3 Release Announcements – June 8th-10th


Well, when I started this intended article series, I was expecting there to be a greater number of announced releases to talk about. Unfortunately, after the post of the previous sum-up, it seems that most publishers and developers decided to go silent!

However, there have been a few notable announcements made over the past few days, so here’s the rundown!

— — —


~ Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue ~
Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: Dec 2016
Systems: PS4

Square Enix continues to tease its fans in the lead up to the (eventual) release of Kingdom Hearts 3. This release contains HD remasters of the remaining parts of the Kingdom Hearts series that have yet to see one: a full remaster of Dream Drop Distance; a movie retelling of the browser- and mobile-based Kingdom Hearts X [chi], subtitled Back Cover here; and a completely new game entry entitled Birth by Sleep 0.2 – A fragmentary passage.

HD 2.8 is set for a worldwide release in December of 2016. This announcement was made alongside a trailer, which you can view below.

— — —


~ Destiny: Rise of Iron ~
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: Sept 20th
Systems: PS4, XB1

Bungie’s Rise of Iron is the first expansion to the base game that will only be available for current-gen consoles, featuring a new story to follow along with everything you’d come to expect from an expansion: new quests, equipment, environments, etc. This release will also require all past expansions for Destiny, including Taken King and the first two unnamed expansions. Destiny players will get the chance to dive into this new content this autumn.

This announcement was made alongside a trailer, which you can view below.

— — —


~ Call of Cthulhu ~
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: 2017
Systems: PC, Unannounced Consoles

Developed by Cyanide Studio, this is a video game adaption of a pen-and-paper RPG of the same name by Chaosium. Attempts at adapting Lovecraftian works are always intriguing, and Call of Cthulhu looks to be no exception. As in other games inspired by or adapted from Lovecraft, the sanity of your character is set to be a major system in this game, with a blend of stealth and psychological horror genres.

Release details remain scarce, although the target is 2017 for Windows PC and consoles. This announcement was made alongside a trailer, which you can view below.

— — —


~ Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors ~
Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
Release Date: ?
Systems: PC

This one is less of an announcement and more of a very promising rumor. Earlier this morning, the English Twitter page for the publisher Spike Chunsoft tweeted out a short video featuring HD images from 999, originally released on the DS. The English page for Kotaro Uchikoshi, the writer of the game, responded with an obvious hint toward Steam. The conclusion? 999 is heading to PC via Steam.

With Zero Time Dilemma, part of the same series as 999, confirmed for a Steam release, bringing the past entries of the series to PC isn’t entirely implausible.