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New PvP Encounter - The Fields of Glory (Shatter) Preview

30 May 2016

The Grand Companies once again ask for the aid of adventurers in staking their claim to Allagan relics, and today we offer you a sneak peek at their newly contested battleground—the Fields of Glory!

The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
Under the influence of the lesser moon Dalamud, Nael van Darnus, legatus of the VIIth Legion, sought out and unearthed Allagan ruins in the eastern highlands of Coerthas. Aided by the knowledge contained therein, he raised the very earth unto the heavens, and from this lofty perch did the White Raven nearly orchestrate the destruction of Eorzea.

The remnants of that mad plan still litter the frozen highlands, as well as other ancient artifacts now laid bare. Though the powers that be are in agreement that Nael’s data must be secured, they remain divided on the subject of how best to administer the region, which has prompted them to invoke the same laws which transformed Carteneau and Seal Rock into a battlefield. Where words fail, weapons speak.

Role Requirements
When participating in Frontline campaigns, there are no role requirements or restrictions for parties. Moreover, players can freely change jobs or classes at their Grand Company’s landing.
* As with the three main cities, the recast time of skills will not be reset when changing classes or jobs.

Starting Points
The landing point for each team will be randomly assigned from one of three locations.

Rules of Engagement
Players can increase their team’s rating by occupying Allagan tomeliths, destroying icebound tomeliths, and defeating players from the opposing teams. The first team to accumulate the required amount of data will be declared the winner, and the remaining teams will be ranked according to their respective ratings.

Allagan Tomeliths
During a Frontline shatter campaign, players aid their company by retrieving data from tomeliths. Allagan tomeliths will be either “Unoccupied” or “Occupied” depending on whether or not a Grand Company has occupied them. By remaining in close proximity to the tomeliths at these locations, players can occupy them to retrieve their data. However, the tomeliths may become uoccupied should enemies come within proximity of one controlled by your team, or vice versa. Occupying a tomelith will reward your team with data, and further data will be rewarded continuously based on the number of tomeliths your team currently occupies.

Icebound Tomeliths
Icebound Tomeliths contain data and dot the playing field. They will be inactive at the start of the campaign, and will activate at random after a fixed amount of time. The data from these tomeliths can be collected by attacking them, and once they are destroyed data will be rewarded to each Grand Company based on the amount of damage inflicted.

When a campaign has ended, players will receive PvP EXP, Wolf Marks, and Allagan tomestones of esoterics and lore.