Letter From The Producer LIVE Part XXIX


We’ve got the latest info (and images!) from the Letter From The Producer LIVE from this years Niconico Chokaigi event in Chiba! We get a glimpse of some of the new content coming in Patch 3.3 as well as a look at the big Yokai Watch collaboration event that’s coming this summer!

Read on for all of the information!


Patch 3.3 will be called Revenge of the Horde!

It will feature new Main Scenario Quests, Dragon and Moogle beast tribe quests, anima weapon story quests and more Hildibrand adventures

Two new dungeons coming in patch 3.3 (and shown off briefly in a video). Apparently Soken finished the new music just two days ago!

Sohr Khai will be part of the main scenario quest series. Who will you face inside…?

As for Hullbreaker Isle (Hard), it seems that the Maelstrom has taken it over and converted it into a training ground of sorts. Don’t worry, you won’t fight the octopus again!

The next phase of the Void Ark alliance raid series is…The Weeping City of Mhach!
The deeper you explore, the more the environment will differ. Magic is being used as an energy source here and you’ll need to ascend this unique pyramid.



Introducing the Aquapolis! This is what was referred to internally as the “treasure hunt dungeon.” The entrance will appear randomly when uncovering dragonskin maps. The structure and layout isn’t random, but you may need some luck to make it to the final room. Keep in mind this is battle content and not gathering-related, so you’ll need to defeat enemies!

Clearing out the enemies will earn you some nice material rewards!


The Deep Dungeon – The Palace of the Dead!

As mentioned at PAX East this is a new type of content making its debut in FFXIV.

As you go deeper into the dungeon, the environment will look different. As you can see in the images, the weapon is glowing and that’s the weapon you will be upgrading as you challenge this dungeon. There are items which can only be used inside this dungeon.

There are some items that can only be used in this content. Transforming monsters, all sorts of interesting stuff. Not something unique to the dungeon that you can take away, more things that only have effects in the dungeon. You’ll also face off against bosses as well!

It can be played solo; however, it’s balanced based on four players, so going in solo from the beginning will most likely get you killed if you’re not prepared. There will be some challenge for going solo.

There will be duty finder matchmaking for this, too.

If you don’t reach the next check point/auto save before being defeated, you’ll return to the last one. The final glowing, special weapons can be taken out of the dungeon to be used in other content!

Also there will be some “special” bosses appearing on multiple floors!


A new map will be introduced for Frontlines, known as Field of Glory (shatter)! The rules will be similar to those of Seal Rock.


New housing additions and features planned for Patch 3.3.

We’ll be introducing quite a lot of additional plots and will be releasing the prices of the land on the Lodestone.

We’ll also be releasing flowerpots that you can use to grow flowers. There will be new flowers that can only be grown this way as well. You’ll be able to change their colors as well, but this isn’t gardening so there won’t be things like cross breeding by placing pots next to each other.


The raid finder will allow you to set various requirements to join. Whether you want to go to raid as practice, or clear, but you will be able to enter more specific details, such as which phase you want to practice/clear on in that specific raid.


FINAL FANTASY XIV will have a special collaboration with Yo-Kai Watch!

With thirteen jobs in FFXIV and thirteen Yo-Kai shown here… There will be special weapons that resemble the yo-kai introduced to FFXIV!

There will also be a new mount as part of the collaboration!



In addition to the Yo-Kai Watch themed weapons, there will also be Yo-Kai Watch minions to collect!

You’ll be able to earn all of the minions somewhat easily, but the weapons will be tough to get.

Yoshida: We wanted to make it so people could get as many of the weapons as possible, but Hino had some thoughts on this.

Hino: We wanted to make it so you have to put some thought into which weapon you want to aim for.

Yoshida: We still need to confirm all the final numbers though!

So…when does this all take place? Currently planned for summer! Since the new Yo-Kai Watch game is also coming out this summer.

The next Yokai watch game will also have some Final Fantasy XIV content!


Akihiro Hino, the president and CEO of Level-5 brought this one of a kind Yokai medal for Yoshida-sans birthday!

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  1. Glad the yo-kai minion will be easy to gain. Worried about the weapons. I’m a sucker for collecting event items.

    But on a more important note on the Patch itself, this is gonna be awesome, 3.3 is gonna be great. My friends and I are ready to take on Deep Dungeons.

  2. Eeeeh?!
    I might have complained the last few days that half of those weapons look silly, but that doesn’t change the fact that I want ALL OF THEM anyway >:O

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