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American Release Date Announced for I Am Setsuna

22 Apr 2016


Fans of classic JRPGs have been following I Am Setsuna since its original Japanese release back in February. Luckily, the wait for a western release is nearly over, as Square Enix announced the American release date for the title earlier today. The game is set to be released on July 19th, 2016.

I Am Setsuna is the first release from a new sub-studio of Square Enix, Tokyo RPG Factory. The studio was formed with the goal of creating games that bring back the style and feel of classic 16-bit JRPGs, updated with modern technology. Setsuna, being the first game of this project, is a decidedly old-school style JRPG, taking strong influence from the systems of Chrono Trigger.

I Am Setsuna is set for release for both PS4 and PC via Steam. An English teaser trailer was released alongside the announcement, which you can check out below!