Corpse Party Receiving 3DS and PC Releases in the West


XSeed Games stepped up with a quick one-two punch of announcements for fans of Corpse Party on this side of the Pacific!

First off, the 3DS will be receiving a remastered port of the first game in the series, originally released in the US on the PSP back in 2011. This version will feature redrawn sprites for higher resolution, a remixed soundtrack, and some added 3D effects. Unlike the original PSP version, the 3DS version of Corpse Party will receive a physical release, albeit as a limited edition.

For PC gamers, XSeed also announced a release of Corpse Party, but this one is a localization of the original Japanese PC release from 2008 (as opposed to the PSP version, which was a remake of the PC version with changed story elements). The PC release will feature the original story, art, and voice acting, along with a few new exclusive features and story chapters. This version will be released through Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store.

The PC release of Corpse Party is set for April 25th, 2016, while the 3DS version is expected in Summer 2016, without a set release date.

Both announcements were accompanied by teaser trailers, which you can check out below!

3DS Announcement

PC Announcement