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Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV- An Insider's Perspective

1 Apr 2016


Being the unofficial “west coast corespondent” for Gamer Escape can have its perks. This week, I was fortunate enough to attend the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event Square Enix held at the beautiful Shrine Auditorium in LA.

I arrived at the venue around 6:00 PM and was gifted an adorable calendar upon checking in!  Each month has a totally different art style- in fact, all of the artwork in the calendar was submitted by fans. You can see a quick peak at June below.

Keep an eye on our Twitter account, there might just be a giveaway in the future!

Once inside, I was directed to a special holding area for members of the press. The photo (below) doesn’t quite do the room justice. The room itself was reminiscent of Middle Eastern design and had this sort of blanketed warmth that was really lovely. Around 6:30 PM we were let into the theater itself.

The theater was both beautiful and massive. Roughly 6,000 fans showed up for the event in total, with several of them having camped out overnight. While we were settling in, the lovely music from the game’s soundtrack was played throughout the theater.

The event itself was incredible. It was great to get a closer, more finalized look at a game that has come and gone since it was revealed as Versus XIII almost ten years ago. The video showing off the landscapes really took my breath away and really changed my perspective as to what falls under the umbrella of Final Fantasy. It felt refreshing; growing up in California, my family and I would take road trips across the desert to visit family in Nevada and considering a road trip is one of the major focal points of Final Fantasy XV, it’s such an interesting twist on what a lot of gamers might consider a real-world adventure.

Photo Mar 30, 8 20 02 PM

Towards the end of the presentation, the development team as well as voice actors Aaron Paul and Lena Headey were brought up on stage to close out the night. This was an amazing event and I really have to hand it to Square Enix- after years of seeing numerous events in Japan about Final Fantasy, it was incredible that those of us in the North American community got to attend such a huge event like Uncovered. It truly shows how important the North American crowd is to Square Enix and the developers that design our fantasy worlds.

Final Fantasy XV will be available September 30th, 2016.