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New Final Fantasy XV Trailer AND Theme Song Have Been Revealed!

31 Mar 2016

It’s finally here! After what feels like a forever, we were finally given another trailer at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event last night. Not only did the trailer show off some absolutely stunning landscapes and fierce combat, but it tickled our ears with a familiar tune, “Stand by Me”, covered by the incredible Florence Welch and her Machine.

One of the most surprising reveals at the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event was the theme song! Florence Welch of Grammy-nominated Florence + the Machine has created her own rendition of the Ben E. King classic “Stand by Me”.

Welch states, “I’ve always seen FINAL FANTASY as mythical, beautiful and epic,” said Florence from Florence + the Machine. “‘Stand by Me’ is one of the greatest songs probably of all time and you can’t really improve on it, you just have to make it your own. For me it was just about bringing the song into the world of Florence and the Machine and the world of FINAL FANTASY.”

This marks the first time that a cover will be used as the title track. Given the history of how emotionally charged past theme songs are, it will be very interesting to see how powerful this rendition is in the context of the story.

Final Fantasy XV will be available September 30th, 2016.