Aetheryte Radio 89: Removing Roadblocks

Tune into one of our longest episodes ever as we talk about the latest live letter, our time with The Feast, and the recent news from GDC and why that could mean the time has finally come for Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox One! Also, Fusionx goes on a rant to tell us what really grinds his gears of change when it comes to merchandise and region specific content!

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    “We want to get across to players, so they don’t worry, and it is my personal policy, to not have items that are region specific – that you can only get in America, or only get in Japan, or only get if you go to this one event in Switzerland or wherever- we don’t want to do that. We can’t say in the next ten years we will never do that, because we don’t know what will happen, but my personal policy is not to have things like that. ~ Yoshida”

    SE learned about never saying never. It’s still really annoying how many more region locked items there seems to be for XIV. That there were things like the JP only release of the 25th anniversary box set with it’s XIV item code was one of the things that sparked that worry when 2.0 was launching. We were patted on the head with a ‘we don’t want to region restrict! we want everyone to enjoy XIV!’ And here we are with China getting special items that ‘standard’ servers can’t get, JP only merchandising, region specific contests…

    1. Of course then we have

      “Because that was a very special item for that specific box, we don’t want to give it out easily otherwise we might upset people that bought it. We’re taking very careful steps towards if/how we’ll give out these codes. That being said, the item attributes aren’t really that great.

      Nothing has been confirmed, but we are aware that box is extremely popular worldwide. So there’s a possibility that we may sell outside of Japan but nothing has been confirmed yet.”

      Of course, the line about the attributes is alright given that the glamour system didn’t exist at the time. It seems like there’s a lot of “considering” going on without much action.

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