Xbox One Cross-Nework Play Could Be Great News For FFXIV Players


Today, Microsoft announced that games on Xbox Live will be able to utilize cross-network play. This means that those playing Rocket League (which will be one of the first games to support cross-network play) on the Xbox One for example will be able to play online with those enjoying the game on other platforms such as the PlayStation 4.

We’ve previously asked Final Fantasy XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida about bringing Final Fantasy XIV to the Xbox One. He told us that until such a time where Microsoft policies allowed the players on Xbox One to play with those on PC and PlayStation 4 that the game would not be coming to Microsoft’s console.

After today however, it seems that this roadblock has been removed, increasing the chances of us seeing Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox One.

4 thoughts on “Xbox One Cross-Nework Play Could Be Great News For FFXIV Players

  1. Grats to those who hoped for this, but still feel PC’s are better for these types of mmos.

    1. Square-Enix has done a great job getting this game to work with gamepad and keyboard/mouse. While I think MMOs are built for a PC, the XB1 and PS4 are more like PCs then ever before. :)

      I hope that the XB1 build is the Windows build, which shouldn’t cause too much impact on the dev cycle, that’s what I’m hoping for. :)

      1. At some point I want to make a lowbie alt and use only a controller for teh lawlz.

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