Submit Your Questions For Susan Calloway On Aetheryte Radio


On the next episode of Aetheryte Radio, we’re going to sit down with Final Fantasy XIV songstress Susan Calloway to talk about her recently announced Artist Cut of Answers and ask some questions submitted by you!

Leave a comment on this post with your name (could be your in-game name and server) and your question for Susan! We’ll pick some out and ask her during the show!

The next episode of Aetheryte Radio is scheduled to go live on Saturday, March 5th at 4:00 PM EST and will be streamed on our Twitch channel.

13 thoughts on “Submit Your Questions For Susan Calloway On Aetheryte Radio

  1. I’ve been to last Chicago Distant Worlds concerts and hear that you are usually recorded not in the same room, sometimes even the same continent as where the music is produced. How does that specifically work?

    Second question, given that you do not play 14 how do you know how to appropriately convey the right emotion as you sing? Are you given a background on the lore of that game or do you get to watch the CGIs in advance?

  2. The obvious ones first: When is it coming out and where can we get it?
    In what ways have you made the song your own?
    Is there a “Artist Cut: Heavensward” to look forward to?
    If you had to do one “tribute” album, what would you do it for? The Beatles? Britney Spears? Dragon Quest?

  3. So excited to hear this! My question would be “I’ve attended the Distant Worlds concerts twice, once in London and once in Edinburgh, and I loved it both times – if you had to pick, what has been your favourite place to perform with Distant Worlds, and where is your “dream place” to perform that DW has not been yet?”

    1. Forgot to say, my in-game name is Lux Felix on Balmung!

  4. “Are you at all familiar with the rest of the Final Fantasy’s series’ soundtrack apart from what you’ve performed? Do you have a favorite piece from it?”

    1. In-game name is Zephyrine Gaillarde on Balmung

  5. I love your work, hearing ‘Answers’ always makes my heart throb and mind run with memories of 1.0! My question for you is: How do you feel having your songs be a part of the Final Fantasy series, a which has always had music that stands out among video games. And, do you have a favorite song from any of the games, if you have played them? As always, a huge fan! – Edward Calloway, Balmung (I realized this was your name after character creation…)

  6. Hey, I love your work. Your voice is so pretty but how many cocks can your throat really take? You must be able to open real wide for them.

  7. What’s it like to work with SquareEnix? Also, have you ever played any Final Fantasy’s or do you play the MMO?
    ~Emelc Vrand on Balmung

  8. How did you get into the music world and end up with square enix/Final Fantasy XIV?

    p.s. you have a lovely voice.

    -Rou Ildanach, Balmung

  9. Does Susan Calloway play as the voice for the mother Crystal Hydalen?

  10. How long have you been singing for?
    Were you approached by Square Enix, or did you approach them?
    Did you write the lyrics yourself?

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