Susan Calloway Announces Artist Cut of Answers


Susan Calloway has announced that her own, “Artist Cut” version of Answers will be arriving on March 4th.

Original Story: Susan Calloway, known for being the voice behind Final Fantasy XIV’s Answers and Dragonsong has taken to twitter to tease an upcoming announcement. We don’t know the details just yet, but we do know from her hint that it’s definitely related to Final Fantasy XIV. Looking at the following conversation though, maybe those that attend Fan Fest could be in for a surprise?

Update: Reddit user chillman88 has discovered a tweet from yesterday, discovering that no, the announcement is not related to the Vegas Fan Fest, though that seems like it could still be a possibility. The signs seem to now point towards a new EP release that will feature Answers.

We’ll update this post with more information when we have it!

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  1. I was hopeful that Susan Calloway would be performing at the 2014 Fan Festival. As much as I enjoyed seeing The Primals perform, I was still a little disappointed that she didn’t appear.

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