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Final Fantasy Hist'ry: Calcabrina

12 Feb 2016


Now that the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.2 Gears of Change has dropped, we’ve gotten a closer look at what to expect when the patch arrives later this month.

One of the things people are talking about with the trailer is one of the bosses of the new Antitower dungeon. A group of six female dolls that at one point in the fight, merge into a single, larger doll. Its creepy factor puts it right up there with the likes of Edda in the Tam-Tara Deepcroft, but some may not realize that this enemy, Calcabrina, has appeared in previous Final Fantasy titles!


First making an appearance in Final Fantasy IV, Calcabrina was created through the merger of two types of enemies: The male Calca and female Brina. The villain Golbez took control of the dolls and pitted them against Cecil and his party inside the Dwarven Castle.


Calca and Brina also appear in Final Fantasy IV: The After years, where they have both been remade into automatons to aid in the maintenance of the group’s airship, the Falcon. At one point, they malfunction and attack Luca and Rydia.


Now, in Final Fantasy XIV, the dolls that will make up Calcabrina appear to be all female, sporting a creepy childish laugh upon their introduction to adventurers that journey into the Antitower.

We know that the Antitower will play a role in Patch 3.2’s Main Scenario, but whether or not Calcabrina will have a role other than “creepy dungeon boss” remains to be seen.