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New Patch 3.2 Images Show Off Hildibrand And More!

11 Feb 2016


Square Enix has released new images today showing off more of the content coming in Patch 3.2 later this month! Primal themed gear coming with the new Allagan Tomestones of Lore, a look at the gear from the next tier of Alexander, and a small glimpse of the upcoming Hildibrand story!

Check out all of the images below!

Allagan Tomestones of Lore

Equipment: Hailstorm Attire of Healing, Slipstream Attire of Maiming, Hellfire Attire of Striking, Torrent Attire of Scouting


Alexander (Midas)

Though its core was disabled, the colossal steel giant still hums with a foreboding sense of dread. The Illuminati are gearing up for war, and Alexander has thrust yet another arm up and out of the Thaliak river, continuing its climb from the murky depths. Will the Illuminati realize their warped ideals and bleed the realm dry? Once again you must call forth your allies and venture into the iron fortress, lest the realm bears the price of the goblins’ endeavor.

Equipment (all prototype): Midan Attire of Fending, Midan Attire of Maiming, Midan Attire of Scouting, Midan Attire of Casting, Midan Attire of Healing


Stone, Sky, Sea

To bolster the ever-growing ranks of adventurers, the Adventurers’ Guild has established a new training ground to hone their skills: Stone, Sky, Sea. Test your might against an assortment of striking dummies tailored to the strength of legendary foes, and prove you have what it takes to go head-tohead with their real-life counterparts.


Gnath Beast Tribe Quests (more info)



Oh cruel, cursed fate, to deliver unto us Hildibrand Helidor Maximilian Manderville, brave inspector and gentleman of light reborn, only to snatch him away in a manner eerily similar to his original departure. To the heavens above the far-flung northern reaches did he soar, and for a time was it feared he might never be seen again. Yet Nashu Mhakaracca, as a fervent believer in the inspector (and gravity besides), still has faith that he will return. Her search now leads her to the Holy See of Ishgard, where she hopes to find the missing man─and, perhaps, a case…?