Could FFXIV Be Getting Localized For Latin America? UPDATED


Reddit user Nauriem discovered that a new section was added onto the FFXIV Free Trial website- which has options for both Spanish and Portuguese.

The request for FFXIV to be localized into Spanish isn’t anything new, but now it seems that Square Enix may be getting ready to announce a version for Latin America.

Update: We reached out to Square Enix regarding this and they issued the following statement:

We decided to localize the Free Trial website into Spanish and Portuguese in an effort to lower the barrier to entry for users in Latin America who may be interested in trying out the FINAL FANTASY XIV Free Trial. Localizing the website offers those users an easier way to learn about the story, world, game features, and gives them a clearer understanding on getting started in the game. We do not currently have any plans to localize the game into Spanish or Portuguese at this time.

2 thoughts on “Could FFXIV Be Getting Localized For Latin America? UPDATED

  1. I’m surprised there wasn’t a Spanish option already honestly, the amount of Spanish speaking players I’ve met in XIV and XI seems pretty high

  2. They could start being less xenophobic. Hell, making an account leaves you in doubt whether you’ll actually be able to play the game.

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