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Letter From The Producer XXVI Summary

23 Dec 2015


We’ve compiled the important info from today’s Letter From the Producer Live Part XXVI! Check it all out below or view the official forums thread here.

Regarding Alexander: Gordias (Savage)

This raid is currently the hardest content in FFXIV, and it is the top of the item hierarchy. Since this is relevant to the future, I’ll start off by talking about this first.

We implemented the more difficult Savage mode in addition to normal mode to answer the requests we received globally for more difficulty content.

However, we received comments stating that it was too difficult, and we’ve been reflecting on this–especially the aspect where the DPS check was too severe. It has been difficult to find members that have the motivation to clear this content on the same World, and players have even took to transferring Worlds in order to beat it, which makes me feel that we overdid it. Additionally, for the people that feel it’s too difficult to even attempt to challenge Savage, it’s essentially the same as if this content never existed.

Alexander: Midas will debut in Patch 3.2, but compared to the current Alexander: Gordias, we have eased the difficulty in the Savage mode. As an image the difficulty is something in between Second Coil of Bahamut and Final Coil of Bahamut.

There are three paths for obtaining equipment in FFXIV:

  • Obtaining items via difficult raids.
  • Obtaining equipment by earning tokens over time.
  • Spending a long period of time (such as Anima weapons)

Regardless of the path you choose, you will be able to reach the top of the item level hierarchy.

However, due to the fact the reward for completing The Burden of the Father (Savage) was low, and in order to maintain it’s value, it affected item levels of other equipment which can be obtained from other content.

In Alexander: Midas, we’re thinking of setting the value higher for the items earned when completing it, especially compared to that which can be obtained from other content. Also, by lowering the difficulty of the more difficult version, that doesn’t mean it’ll be much easier. Normal mode’s difficulty will remain as is.

We believe those trying to clear the content at the earliest possible moment will try different methods, and we would like to set the difficulty to where players can enjoy the challenge overall.
We think it’d be best to have the difficulty set to a point where players can say “that wasn’t too bad” after completing the content.

Regarding the Diadem

While most of the content in FFXIV has various rules, we didn’t set any hard rules for exploratory missions, and designed this content around the concept of players creating their own rules. However, we’ve been receiving feedback asking for such things as a system that makes it so gatherers and battle classes are not mixed together.

I feel that the largest issue with this is the fact that system-wise the rules are lacking. We’re not done with exploratory missions, and we’ll be adding the next phase of content based on the feedback that we have been receiving globally. We’d like to thoroughly establish rules and objectives. Additionally, we’d like to create a system that allows for players with the similar objectives to group up–such as players who wish to gather.

Due to the fact that there are changes in the materia system in Patch 3.2, we know that there will be more of a demand for materia, and although there hasn’t been any issue with the amount distributed from item exchange, we were watching the amount of item level 210 gear being distributed. If it remained as is, it’d have further lessen the drive to complete raids so we had to introduce limitations.

As everyone’s feedback mentioned, we believe the optimal item level for gear obtained from exploratory missions should have been 205.

For the next exploratory missions, we would like to not only include balance adjustments, but feature more of the “exploration” aspect.

However, in Patch 3.2 there will be a greater demand for materia from exploratory missions, so we would like to change the content time to around 45-60 minutes, and make adjustments to amount of aether currents to accompany this.

Regarding Anima Weapons

This content is focused on creating weapons over a long period of time, and we understand that there are pros and cons to this.

We’ve been receiving feedback asking for more challenging elements; however, just as I explained earlier, there are three paths for obtaining equipment in FFXIV

  • Obtaining items via difficult raids.
  • Obtaining equipment by earning tokens over time.
  • Spending a long period of time (such as Anima weapons)

The third path on this list is for Zodiac and Anima weapons.

For players who are confident in their skills, they can make their rounds of the extreme primals. However, for players who are not confident, it is possible to earn a powerful weapon by spending their time working towards it.

With that said, we don’t plan on associating extreme primals without the Echo for this content.
We understand that there have been requests for content with a difficulty similar to the Hydra trial or hard mode Garuda and Titan, but after looking over player data, the number of players who obtained weapons during that time period was quite low. Due to this, they were unable to challenge the subsequent content. Currently, other content has been affected due to the difficulty of Savage, and since there has not been any easing for upgrading Esoteric weapons, Anima weapons have become the sole option for increasing everyone’s weapon item level. We will be thoroughly revamping this in Patch 3.2.

In order to explain about the above, I started off by first explaining the state of Alexander: Gordias (Savage). We’ll be balancing these aspects in Patch 3.2.

Next I would like to talk about the lifespan of the Anima weapon.

There are comments saying if it was this, it could have started from Patch 3.1, but the reason behind why we have set the item level to 170, 200, and 210, is because we wanted new starting players to be able to focus on obtaining Allagan tomestone of Estoreric gear as a priority which has weekly restrictions. As for the phase where players need to obtain items from FATEs, we made adjustments based on feedback so that players can choose their path while upgrading from item level 200 to 210, or obtain the various items while leveling other jobs.

For example, if Alexander (Savage) weapons were item level 215, then we could have shortened the amount of time it takes to reach item level 210. As for the lifespan of Anima weapons that everyone is concerned about, we will make adjustments to their overall lifespan. We will make updates on Anima weapon in Patch 3.25 and Patch 3.3.

However, Patch 3.25 will likely focus more on adjustments, while the large update to this quest will occur in Patch 3.3.


Q1 : Daily beast tribe quests are involved in obtaining the required items for “Coming into Its Own,” but when the quest involves completing a certain FATE it often takes a lot of time. Could you please increase the frequency that these FATEs occur?

A1 : We’re currently in the midst of making adjustments to increase their frequency.

Q2: There are instances where you accept the wrong quest when progressing through the Anima quest line with multiple jobs. Would it be possible to make it so that you cannot retake the quest with the same job?

A2: We’re currently addressing this.

Q3: There are a lot of items needed to proceed through the Anima weapon quest, and since they are regular items I feel like I am going to accidentally sell it. Could you make these (Unidentifiable XXX) items key items?

A3: We won’t be making these into key items; however, we would like to address this so they cannot be sold.

Q4: We have the auto reclamation this month, but can you please let us know about future addition of land?

A4: We have confirmed that we will be increasing the amount of land for existing housing areas in Patch 3.3. After this we’re planning to introduce mansion type housing, and housing in the Ishgard area. These two are being developed in parallel, but in order to meet everyone’s demand, we will implement the mansion-type housing as a first priority. Currently it’s being planned that one mansion will be able to hold 512 residences. As for gardening, we think this will be difficult, but we’re currently developing new pots that will allow gardening, so please look forward to this.

As for furnishings with high demand, we have a goal now to increase the amount of items which can be placed, so please wait a bit longer.

Q5: Recently, other than for glamouring, the need for crafted equipment has fallen. In the future, do you have plans to implement equipment with stats high enough that can be used for raids?

A5: The new crafted equipment we will be implementing in Patch 3.2 is strong. You’ll be able to use this new gear at the same time as the new accessories, and since you can also advanced materia meld this equipment, I think there will be a demand from those who are striving to complete the raid quickly.


  • Addition of new main scenario quests
    We’ll finally be heading towards the climax of the Dragonsong War.
  • Addition of new side quests
  • Addition of Gnath beast tribe quests
    There was a wide variety of interesting text for the Vanu Vanu quests, and the lead writer for those quests is also the lead for these quests as well.


  • The Antitower
    This is part of the main scenario. You will understand the reasoning for this name once you go there. Players will be able to go here at an early point of the main scenario.
  • The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)
    Players will be able to find out what happened after Diablos, the boss of the normal mode, fled the area.


At long last we will be starting a new series of primal battles, the Warring Triad.

The first installment will be Containment Bay S1T7, and we’ll be simultaneously implementing the extreme version as well.

Unlike we’ve been doing up until now, we’ve decided to make it easier to understand by eliminating the “hard” mode naming, since it’s confusing that you are all of a sudden fighting against a hard mode version straight away. The difficulty will be on par with the “Hard” we’ve seen until now.

The battle is extremely flashy, and there just might be a mechanic where you can fall.
In case you were wondering, the lead for this battle is the person who was in charge of both Titan and Thordan’s Reign.

Update to the Wolves’ Den

The second installment of the Wolves’ Den is called “The Feast.”
I’ll be going into more detail about this content during the next Letter LIVE.

While the current Wolves’ Den is essentially a death match, The Feast features something similar to a point system as we would like to make it easier for players to get into this content and enjoy it like a sport. By defeating your opponents you can steal their points, and you are competing for the total amount of points.

  • 8vs8 (Win/loss rate does not apply)
    This is the easiest to get into. There are a lot of people in this mode, so everyone shares the responsibility. The win/loss rate does not apply, so your rating will not increase or decrease. You’ll only be able to queue up to this mode solo or with one other player.
  • 4vs4 (Win/loss rate applies)
    You will only be able to queue up to this mode solo, and the win/loss rate will apply.
  • 4vs4 (Win/loss rate does not apply)
    You will only be able to queue up to this mode solo. The win/loss rate does not apply here, so you can use this to practice.
  • 4vs4 (Light party, win/loss rate applies)
    You will only be able to queue up to this as a light party, and the win/loss rate applies.
  • 4vs4 (Light party, win/loss rate does not apply)
    You will only be able to queue up to this mode as a light party. The win/loss rate does not apply here, so you can use this to practice.

Furthermore, static party and solo ranking will have separate ratings.

This time we’re going with “Seasons” system. The first season will be in Patch 3.25. The duration of the first season will be about three and a half months long until Patch 3.35. Ratings will be updated on daily basis, and we are preparing exclusive rewards for top players in the season.

Additionally, there are ranks. By accumulating a specific amount of rating, there will be matches to increase in ranks where players will need to win 3 out of 5 matches in order to move onto the next rank. There are rewards for each rank, so players will be able to fight against the position which matches their level.

Ranking will stop once the season is over. And when the next season begins, all the ratings will be reset.

The Feast will be implemented from Patch 3.2, but there is a pre-season match from Patch 3.2 to Patch 3.25. During this time we’ll make job, and rating adjustments for PvP, and we will begin the first season in Patch 3.25.


We’ve kept you all waiting for quite some time now, but this is the jukebox that I’ve been talking about for a while.

You’ll be able to place this in the inn, house, and private chamber, and it will play music if you have the music sheets for it. These music sheets can be obtained through various content and we will also be selling them in-game as well.

There will also be an individual log of what sheets you’ve acquired, so I think it will be fun as a collectable element. Of the sheets you can acquire, there will also be those that can be created by Disciples of the Hand. Additionally, you’ll be able to obtain a song as an achievement for collecting 10. Orchestrion music sheets are scattered throughout various content such as Gold Saucer and battle-related content. They can also be traded. We’ll be implementing 47 songs in Patch 3.2, and we plan on releasing around 20-30 songs in updates afterwards.

The Hall of the Novice

Players will be able to train in two ways; training which doesn’t involve roles, and training for each role. Training which doesn’t involve roles will be available right before entering Sastasha which involved dodging area of effect attacks. After this players will be able to start training for each roles which has about seven tasks each. There is also something like a graduation, and players will be rewarded with gear when completing it. There will be a specific building for this. There will be explanation for terms such as “DoTs”.

The Mentor System (Tentative)

This system will allow veteran players to be called “Mentors” for Disciple of War/Magic and also Disciples of the Land and Hand. Once players become a “Mentor” they will be able to use a system which will help new adventurers. This is basically a system where people can help out. Players will be able to use features such as a roulette called the “Mentor Roulette.”

Striking dummy training mode
This is an opportunity to test your skills by seeing if you can defeat a test dummy in a certain amount of time. I realize that skill rotations will differ depending on the content, but we’re hoping that practicing to defeat this striking dummy will serve as a nice benchmark.

Materia system changes
As mentioned earlier, the materia system will be changed. From Patch 3.2 equipment purchased with tomestones will include materia slots.

New Allagan tomestone
We’ll be implementing a new type of Allagan tomestone.

Directly selling items from retainers
We’ll be adding a new feature that will allow you to sell items directly from your retainers.

Minimap elevation information
We’ll be making it possible to tell whether your party members are above you with a new minimap feature that indicates elevation differences.

4K resolution support
We’ve been receiving comments from players who have high-spec PCs and 4K displays mentioning that the UI is too small. We will be addressing this over multiple patches.

We’ll introduce further details for content that will be implemented in Patch 3.2, and various information which includes information such as other existing ground mounts which will be able fly, and dyeable Allagan/High Allagan gear. Stay tuned for more info!