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Pet Food Origins- Mega Elixir

22 Dec 2015


June 5th, 2006- The first episode of the Final Fantasy XI podcast “Pet Food Alpha” is made available online. For many, this is their first exposure to the world of Final Fantasy XI podcasts. For some however, it was their second. Mega Elixir was the first Final Fantasy XI podcast hosted by The first episode aired on February 20th, 2006 and the show ended in May 2006. Ogaming was then acquired by Allakhazam and the staff behind Mega Elixir paved the way for the start of Pet Food Alpha which lasted 300 episodes over 7 years before transitioning into the currently running Pet Food Beta podcast.

It’s with great excitement that today, we’re making every episode of Mega Elixir available for download! Check out the first ever Final Fantasy XI podcast and see what lead to the creation of the Pet Food podcasts for FFXI!