Anima Weapons and Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate Preview


An adventurer is only as fierce as their blade. With greater challenges ever on the horizon, the search for greater weapons is seemingly never-ending. Today’s preview offers a peek at the anima weapon, whose strength will ensure the tide of battle is set in your favor.

Trouble is brewing in Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate, and today’s preview offers a glimpse at a new series of quests taking place in the principal seminary of the Holy See.

Anima Weapons

A young researcher hailing from the Near East has come to Eorzea in search of aid. His field of study? Anima, an essence he considers to be a reflection of the soul. Through a chance encounter with the master craftsman Gerolt, he and the legendary blacksmith have joined forces to create a weapon the likes of which the realm has never seen.


Saint Endalim’s Scholasticate

After the truth of Ishgard’s history is revealed, the students of the Holy See’s finest seminary find themselves in a precarious position. The Warrior of Light joins a familiar face in investigating the trials and tribulations of the future clergymen and women.

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  1. Anima alone will take up my time probably but the idea of a side quest to investigate Isgards past and the Clergy sounds fun.

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