Final Fantasy XI’s Final Chapter Arrives Next Week


Next week, Final Fantasy XI will receive its last major update, bringing with it the final chapter of Rhapsodies of Vana’diel which will finally take players to the Far East. You can read up on all of the inclusions coming with the update posted by Akihiko Matsui on the official forums here.

To help celebrate the occasion, there will be a number of campaigns starting next week to help players continue (or finish) their adventure in Vana’diel.

Read on for more details.

Most important to note is the Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign that will let players come back to the game for free for a period of time. This begins Friday, November 13th and continues to Tuesday, November 24th. You can find additional details here.

Discount Campaign

Those looking to get back to adventuring in Vana’diel can pick up the latest expansion or collection at a heavily discounted rate. Until November 30th, players can pick up the Ultimate Edition Seekers Edition for $9.99 or Seekers of Adoulin for $4.99. For those players coming back that want to regroup with their friends on other worlds, the world transfer service is half off at $9.00.


Other Campaigns

In addition, several special campaigns will be activated during November. You can read up on the specifics of each campaign here.

From November 9-20

– Chain Experience Bonus Campaign – PLUS!
– Chain Capacity Point Bonus Campaign – PLUS!
– Chain Monstrosity Bonus Campaign – PLUS!
– Double Simulacra Segment Drop Rate Campaign
– Abyssea Campaign
– Mog Garden Campaign
– Wildskeeper Reive Campaign
– Alter Ego Expo
– Skirmish Frenzy Campaign – PLUS!
– Geas Fete Campaign

From November 20-30

– Double Synthesis Skill Gain Rate Campaign
– Wildskeeper Reive Campaign – PLUS!
– Alter Ego Expo
– Double Unity Accolade Campaign
– Adoulin Dial Campaign
– Voidwatch Campaign
– Geas Fete Campaign – PLUS!
– Unity Wanted Campaign
– Domain Invasion Campaign


Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration Event

Iroha will be visiting Eorzea in the next collaboration event: A Journey to Remember” which will begin on November 11th. Those who participate will be awarded with the special eastern “Amatsu” equipment which Iroha herself wears.