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We’ve teased this for the past several months on our Pet Food Beta podcast, but we’re finally ready to open up submissions for you to share your memories of Vana’diel with us.

Since the announcements in March, we’ve been wanting to come up with a way to pay tribute to the large impact Final Fantasy XI and the world of Vana’diel have had on our lives. As I’m sure many of you have seen previously, we’ve worked with a collection of other Final Fantasy fansites to produce digital magazines for the 25th anniversary of the series as well as for the release of Final Fantasy Type-0. Today I’m excited to officially announce that we’ll be doing the same for Final Fantasy XI and we’re hard at work to have it out sometime next month!

One of the greatest aspects of Final Fantasy XI is its player community, and so we want to give the community an opportunity to get involved by sharing your memories of Vana’diel with us. Whether it’s memories of 4-hour long Kirin fights, meeting up with your Linkshell for the first time at a Fan Fest, or anything else, we’d love to hear about the impact the game has had on your life.

The memories you share with us will become a part of our digital magazine celebrating Final Fantasy XI.

To share your memories with us, simply fill out the form below. Please note that your memories cannot be longer than 200 characters. Due to the possibility of an overwhelming amount of entries, or people submitting inappropriate comments, not all submissions may be used in the magazine. In the event that the number of submissions greatly exceeds the capacity of our magazine, we’ll look into other ways of publishing them.

Entries are no longer being accepted.

6 thoughts on “Share Your Memories of Vana’diel

      1. It’s very likely. I was active for 10 years on the game, and I put in tons of time as well as posting online on several sites.

    1. It is, but we’re hoping that by limiting it in this way we’ll be able to have more room for comments in the magazine.

      1. That makes sense. I’m just overly wordy. That’s my problem.

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