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Lore Train: Duty Commenced Lolorito Lore Lowdown

23 Sep 2015


Today, the North American Community Team went live with another episode of Duty Commenced, bringing with them the latest hot scoops for lore!

What new things did we learn? A whole bunch of stuff about one of Patch 2.55’s most hated Lalafell, Lolorito.


*There is a typo on the above slide. Lolorito’s last name is actually Nanarito.

Chairman of the East Aldenard Trading Company
Member of the Syndicate

Age: 60s

Interests: Sampling fine cuisine. He is a renowned connoisseur known as the Chefsbane.

Residence: An extravagant manse in Ul’dah.

Dream: To lead Ul’dah into an age of unprecedented prosperity- and to profit from it more than anyone else.

Rise to Power as a Merchant

Lolorito is a self-made man who amassed his fortune by developing trade routes with the eastern regions of Aldenard and becoming a major exporter of Ul’dahn wares.

Over time, he has also forged personal connections with powerful merchants in Othard and beyond.

His influence extends into the political sphere as well, as he leveraged his ties with Garlean officials to broker peace negotiations (although they ultimately ended in failure)

A Consummate Businessman

The East Aldenard Trading Company profits greatly from trade in fine jewelry and accessories, the sales of which often suffer in times of war, which is why Lolorito has gone to great lengths to prevent an increase in hostilities with the Empire.

In recent years, however, he has come to the conclusion that open war with the Empire is unavoidable and has established contracts with foreign arms distributors such as Gigas Forge, Straight Edge Traders, and Woolvale Arms, in order to import weapons and armor. Some of the equipment used by the Immortal Flames was supplied by these foreign companies.

What is the “East Aldenard Trading Company?”

As the largest trading company in Ul’dah, it is understood that should you run afoul of their interests, then you will find it exceedingly difficult to do business in Ul’dah.

Naturally, the company derives its name from the region on which Lolorito initially focused his efforts when building his trade empire.

Vesper Bay

Lolorito funded the development of Vesper Bay and its port so that it could service larger ships and serve as a gateway to Ul’dah.

The Infamous Bronze  Statue

Rather than as an ostentatious display of power, it is speculated by some that the statue of Lolorito which stands in the center of Vesper Bay was built to make Lolorito seem snobbish so that his foes might underestimate him.

Interests owned by the East Aldenard Trading Company

  • Eshtaime’s Lapidaries
  • Sunsilk Tapestries
  • The Jolly Raptor

Romululu’s Bric-a-Brac: The storefront that has since been repurposed for use by Sunsilk Tapestries following the Calamity.

A World-class Gourmand

Culinarian Quests

“The Chefsbane Coment” (LV30)

You must satisfy Lolorito, who is notorious for using his influence to ruin restaurants that fail to satisfy his rarefied needs.

“Revenge of the Chefsbane” (LV50)

The Sultana has requested that your culinary creations be  served at her welcoming supper. Alas, while Her Grace specified the chef, she did not specify that she desires to eat- and Lord Lolorito is unwilling to tell.

Fish Guide

For a time, Lord Lolorito offered a hefty bounty for those who could bring him the elusive matron carp. However, the man soon grew weary of fish, and promptly withdrew his offer.