Xbox Head On Final Fantasy XIV


There has been some talk going around over the past few days regarding some words that the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer had with IGN about why Final Fantasy XIV hasn’t seen a release on the Xbox One- namely platform exclusivity and “business.”

“It’s business,” he said, adding he couldn’t speak too candidly about the matter. “As I’ve grow in this role, and I’ve tried to learn the third-party exclusivity thing – and you see us doing less of it now – [I’ve found] it’s not something I’m a huge fan of.”

“Different kind of deals happen, and I know that’s part of this busienss, and maybe it’ll be my failing in the end,” he says, laughing. “But it’s not something I specifically embrace with any deal that’s out there, whether it’s something else. It’s just not something I can explicitly talk to.”

The problem however is that Final Fantasy XIV, a game currently on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC and Mac, doesn’t have any exclusivity. In fact, Director/Producer of Final Fantasy XIV has told us that he would love to have the game on the Xbox One but that Microsoft’s policies don’t allow for cross platform play with PlayStation, PC and Mac users.

Yoshida stated to IGN previously that he does not want Xbox only servers and as long as this policy is in place at Microsoft, Final Fantasy XIV will not be on the platform.

5 thoughts on “Xbox Head On Final Fantasy XIV

  1. I don’t know why this makes me so mad, and frankly it shouldn’t. I don’t have an XB1, and I don’t intend to get one anytime soon.
    But this dude has his head so far up his own butt about this, that I can’t even. I CAN’T EVEN.

  2. FFXI has cross platform, I used to play on the PC and my partner on his 360. Microsoft policies therefore do allow for cross platform play, someone is lying.

    1. They had a special deal with microsoft for that title only. Testing the waters essentially. Considering they’ve not done anything like that again since, I don’t think it will happen.

    2. FFXI was “grandfathered’ into Xbox Live. Microsoft was looking for games for XBL early on and FFXI made the cut. Their policies today do not allow for cross platform play with PlayStation users.

    3. I’m sure their policies are also one of the chief reasons that ESO has platform-specific servers.

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