Transfer of the Chaos Data Center

To ensure that players living in Europe have a more enjoyable experience in FINAL FANTASY XIV, an additional data center has been established in Europe. The Chaos data center, which has been recommended for European players, will be transferred to this new location. Furthermore, all Worlds within the Chaos data center are scheduled to undergo maintenance for three to five days while the transfer takes place.

The Chaos data center recommended for European players will be transferred to a new location based in Europe. All character data saved on the Chaos data center will be transferred automatically. There will be no need to change settings on the launcher or in the Data Center Selection interface after logging in, nor will you be required to undergo additional procedures prior to the transfer.

Data Center Locations
Before After
Elemental Japan Japan
Gaia Japan Japan
Mana Japan Japan
Aether North America North America
Primal North America North America
Chaos North America Europe

Players residing in Europe should experience reduced network latency and lag when playing on any Worlds within the Chaos data center.


In preparation for the relocation of the Chaos data center, all character data must be transferred to the new data center location. To facilitate this transfer, the Chaos data center and all associated Worlds are scheduled to undergo maintenance for three to five days. An announcement will be made at later date when the maintenance schedule has been finalized.Worlds Subject to Transfer
Cerberus / Lich / Moogle / Odin / Phoenix / Ragnarok / Shiva / Zodiark

Subscription Period Extensions

In order to compensate players inconvenienced by this extended maintenance, those who meet the following requirements will have their subscriptions extended by the number of days required for maintenance:

Service accounts containing characters on the Worlds within the Chaos data center (Cerberus / Lich / Moogle / Odin / Phoenix / Ragnarok / Shiva / Zodiark) before Friday, September 18, 2015 at 2:00 a.m. (PDT).
Service accounts with an active subscription.

World Transfers

Because the Chaos data center is being relocated, certain players may find they are no longer playing on a desirable World. In order to address this issue, players will be allowed to transfer from Worlds within the Chaos data center to Worlds within the Elemental, Gaia, Mana, Aether, or Primal data centers free of charge for one week.Residents in the North American region playing on the Chaos data center may begin to experience issues with latency after the transition. We ask that you try the game after the transfer, and if you experience connectivity issues disruptive to gameplay, consider using the free World transfer service while it is available.

* The free World transfer service will not apply to characters moved from the Elemental, Gaia, Mana, Aether, or Primal data centers to the Chaos data center.

As with normal World transfers, more than three days must have passed since last using this service. Please note that when applying for a World transfer via the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station, the total balance for any characters transferred from the Chaos data center should appear as $0.00. If your total balance is not $0.00 before finalizing your transaction, please confirm you are transferring characters from Worlds applicable to the free World transfer service.Please review further details on the World transfer service before applying.

We apologize for the inconvenience of extended maintenance on the Chaos data center. Ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience for all players across the world is very important to us, and we thank you for your patience and understanding.