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Letter From The Producer LIVE TGS 2015

21 Sep 2015


This past weekend at the Tokyo Game Show, Naoki Yoshida took to the stage, and the internet to talk about some of the things players can expect from Patch 3.1 which now has a name!

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness, Patch 3.1, is set to arrive in early November. During the presentation, we received more information on Void Ark, Exploratory Missions, and the Lord of Verminion mini-game.

Void Ark

In an age when the miracle of the airship has become commonplace, the heavens have seen the rise of a new breed of fortune hunter- the “sky pirate.” These airborne buccaneers sail the endless sea of clouds in search of hidden lands to explore, and forgotten treasures to plunder.

In recent days, their venturesome spirits have been stirred by rumors of a haunted vessel- an ark of ancient origin set adrift upon the winds. Folk whisper that the craft is kept aloft by the lingering might of sorcerers who, in their desperation to escape a deadly flood, called upon forces best left undisturbed.


The role requirements for the parties going into the Void Ark will be the same as they were for the World of Darkness. Different this time around however, is that lotting restrictions will be separate for equipment and material rewards.

Exploratory Missions

Yoshida has already talked a fair amount about exploratory missions. However, some more details came up during the stream.

  • The islands will play host to NM and HNM monsters
  • New aetherial equipment will be obtainable. This equipment will go up to ilvl 210
  • There will be new crafted gear to go along with the theme of Sky Pirates


Lord of Verminion

New details were also given about the upcoming Gold Saucer mini-game Lord of Verminion.

In LoV, players are given ten minutes to destroy their opponents Arcana Crystal. In order to do this, they’ll need to select a small army of minions.

Each minion will have their own stats such as HP, ATK, DEF, and SPD. Additionally, minions can have special skills. The Yugiri minion for example can increase area ATK and also has the ability to neutralize gates and shields.

There will be a point cost associated to summoning each minion. These points can be refunded when the minion is defeated or recalled. Before a match starts, there will be a preparation period during which players will be allowed to spend up to 60 points. During the entirety of the match however, players will have access to 240 points in total. Depending on the type of minion players wish to call forth, there will be different costs. The examples given were 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points.

There are four categories that the minions have been grouped up into for LoV: Poppets, Monsters, Critters and Gadgets. Poppets have an advantage over Monsters, Monsters have an advantage over Critters and Critters over Poppets.

It was announced that there will be tournaments for Lord of Verminion and in addition, there will also be matchmaking.


Before ending the stream, Yoshida gave us a look at some new stuff coming for housing in Patch 3.1.