FFXIV Gets a PlayStation VR Demo at TGS


Just announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show conference, PlayStation’s Project Morpheus has been renamed to PlayStation VR.

In addition, a set of games was revealed to have demos at the show this week including Final Fantasy XIV.

We’ll bring you more information about this exciting news as we learn more!

Update: Square Enix has updated their TGS post on the Lodestone and it has been revealed that those checking out the FFXIV VR demo will be experiencing The Navel!

Update 2: Square Enix confirmed with Eurogamer that Final Fantasy XIV’s involvement with PlayStation VR is just a demo created for TGS saying “We don’t have any plans for an official release.”

One thought on “FFXIV Gets a PlayStation VR Demo at TGS

  1. Still waiting for that first ever VR-MMORPG…… Would be great if XIV could be the one to fully support it with PlayStation VR on PS4 and Rift for PC. Cant think of a game that has better graphics for it.

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