FFXI: September Version Update Preview


The September version update for Final Fantasy XI is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, the 16th! While this update doesn’t further the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline, it appears to be packed with a lot of content.

First and foremost:
Rune Fencer and Geomancer get their own jobemotes finally!

Among some of the other highlights include:

  • Conclusion of the Land of the Blind quests in Adoulin
  • Addition of Behemoths and Bombs to Mog Gardens, along with rank 6 for monster rearing
  • Higher tier battles for Ultima and Omega
  • Timers on buff icons
  • Item comparison UI
  • Job adjustments
  • Trust area expansion
  • Party-formation UI

For all of the preview details, read on.