Final Fantasy XI Blu-ray OST Announced


Square Enix has announced a new Blu-ray OST for Final Fantasy XI.

Set to release on the appropriate date of November 11th (11/11), the disc will feature many nation and field tracks while also including a new Instrumental version of Forever Today, Distant Worlds and others. The soundtrack will also include the final track for Rhapsodies of Vana’diel where players were able to submit themselves humming along to be put into the chorus.

Like previous Blu-ray OST’s from Square Enix, those who pick it up will be able to use a PS3/PS4 or other internet connected BD player to download the MP3 of the songs.

With a bit of Google-translate-fu, it also seems that the OST will also come with Rainbow Mog tickets and a Corrigan mascot outfit.

You can view the site for the OST here. No word on if this will see any kind of release outside of Japan, but there’s a good chance that SE will allow you to import the Japanese disc through official channels.