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New Mobile Pokemon Game Announced

10 Sep 2015


The Pokemon Company, an offshoot of Nintendo focused on the Pokemon franchise, hosted a press conference today to announce new games and a new direction in business strategy. While still ongoing at the time of writing, one of the more remarkable announcements of the conference involved Nintendo’s move into mobile gaming.

At the conference, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo announced Pokemon Go, an AR-esque game for mobile platforms that, gleaning from the trailer, attempts to bring Pokemon collecting and battling into the real world via smartphones.

It looks like the mobile app will allow players to catch Pokemon using location tracking in the real world, and allow players of the game to battle each other with collected Pokemon. Also hinted at is a kind of event-style battle, where multiple players will be able to gather to complete a fight or other event together.

Announced alongside the game was a wrist-strap peripheral, which uses Bluetooth to alert players of events and happenings within the game.

Pokemon Go has been announced for both iOS and Android, and is currently planned for release in 2016.

Check out the trailer below!

Thank you to jrinfo for assisting with this article.