Letter From the Producer LIVE XXIV Recap


There was a lot of great content announced for the upcoming patches in Final Fantasy XIV during the latest Letter From the Producer LIVE that was carried out during the celebratory 14-hour anniversary stream.

A summary of all the major announcements was release on the forums as usual and we were able to grab some screenshots showing off some of the announcements!

Lets take a look!

In regards to adjustments to astrologian

We’ll focus on adjusting the power of astrologian healing.
Additionally, we’re making adjustments to the duration of party-supporting actions. You should be able to feel the power boosts more clearly, so please look forward to it.

Status of the Beginner Hall

The Beginner Hall (tentative name), is essentially a training mode. We’re currently in the midst of fleshing out what kind of training would work for each job and the training regime. We don’t expect to make it in time for Patch 3.1, but we would like to implement it in the subsequent patch.

Monk Adjustments

We’ve been receiving requests to be able to instantly reach the maximum amount of Chakra stacks while not in battle; however, having an ability that would allow for this between fights in dungeons and such would be much too strong, so we’re still in the midst of making adjustments. First we will be making adjustments to the effect duration and effect potency of Greased Lightning.

PvP Matching

We’re aware of comments saying that you’d rather we not focus on the lore aspect of PvP matching, but by removing the Grand Company restrictions it may cause fixed matches to be made, and we’re worried about this. This is why it is set the way it is now. With that said, we are considering removing the Grand Company restrictions.

European Data Center

We’re planning to open the European data center in mid-October. We need to carefully copy over the data for the Worlds that are shifting over to the European data center, so we will likely need to perform maintenance that will last 3-5 days. We’ll be making an announcement with details in the near future.

TP Bar for Party Members


We’ve added a feature that displays the TP bars of your party members on the party list. While the numerical value will not be shown, you’ll be able to get a good sense of how much TP your party members have. With this addition, due to display limits, we decided to shift party bonus displays that are not high in priority to the party overview while in battle. This is scheduled to be implemented in Patch 3.07.

Favor Adjustments

We’re planning to make adjustments in Patch 3.07. Additionally, we’re looking over the effect duration as well. You’ll be able to do these in a shorter amount of time.

Plans for Land for Housing

We’re thinking of ways to make empty lands. First, we would like players to create houses on these empty lands, then once the moving feature is implemented, we’re looking into either adding more land into existing housing areas, or to create new housing areas in Ishgard.

Regarding the dark knight “Darkside” effect from the job video

Originally there was a dark flame-like effect added to the feet of the dark knight while under “Darkside,” and while this was a cool effect, unfortunately while testing in various situations, such as while mounted, it looked unnatural and we adjusted it to what it is currently. However, when we add in new actions we may add this effect back in.

Regarding the Specialist System

We’re aware of requests for specialized recipes for specialist, and more features in which you can feel like a specialist. Currently, we feel the effects of specialist isn’t standing out much, so we’re thinking of upgrading it some more. We’re considering specialized recipes for each specialist, and upgrades to specialist, so please hang in there.

Dark knight’s aura effect inside town

We’ve been receiving requests to be able to hide the dark knight “Darkside” aura effect. The effects are managed in several groups together, but with the current system it will be difficult to just hide the Darkside effect. If we were to turn off the dark knight’s effect, it’ll also turn off monk’s Greased Lightning effect. This part involves the system where players can play comfortably, so please let us think about this. We’ll check with Assistant Director Takai about the effect adjustment.

Main Scenario Progression to Access 4.0 Content

Though it’s still a bit early to talk about this, you’ll be able to access and accept quests for Patch 4.0 even if you have not completed the main scenario for the Patch 3.x series. Similarly, you’ll be able to unlock new jobs regardless of your scenario progression. Due to this, we feel the need to create a system that will allow you to watch a digest of what happened. However, for the 3.0 story, since everyone has seen everything up until now I think it was enjoyable, and while there were some pros and cons for this, I think having the system we did for the 3.x series was a good thing.

Battle-related (Part 1)

We’re introducing the following new dungeons:

  • Saint Mocianne Arboretum
  • Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Also, players will now earn experience points from level 50 dungeons.

New alliance raid dungeon Void Ark (TBD) will be added.

Some of you may have seen this flying around the field, but players will be entering that enormous airship-like structure. This is a new 24-man alliance raid that is similar to the Crystal Tower series, and the role requirements will be same, 3 tanks, 6 healers, and 15 DPS.



We will be adding in new main scenario quests, so look forward to further developments regarding the Dragonsong War.

Additionally, we will be adding a sidequest for the Saint Endalim Scholasticate, which will focus on a new sidestory.

We’ll also be adding in new beast tribe quests, starting out with the Vanu Vanu.

Battle-related (Part 2)

A new primal battle will be added. We’re keeping the details a secret for now, but there are some tips regarding this in the Rising event coming later, so please look forward to it!

When participating in an Undersized Party, we’ll be making it so that a clear time is displayed.

We’ll be starting the new weapon upgrade system.
We’re planning to implement this in either Patch 3.1 or Patch 3.15.

Airship Exploration Voyage

We’re planning to introduce new content where you explore uncharted islands with your crafted airships. Multiple parties can explore the same island at the same time. The concept will be to defeat lots of strong monsters. Gathering nodes are also available on these islands, so once the island is secured by the battle team, gatherers will be able to gather items to take back.

We wanted to give an old MMO-like feel for this one, and for FFXIV it’ll be fresh content that hasn’t been seen before.

Gold Saucer-related


We’ll be adding new content known as “Lords of Verminion.”
This was a joke brought up in the past in a Developers’ Blog post, but we actually went ahead and made it real.

Lords of Verminion is an RTS-like battle game where you use minions. You place minions in the field and once you decide where you want them to move they will automatically attack. This is why Minagawa has created a new option for gamepad controls.


It might be wise to go ahead and collect all the minions you can. However, it’s not like you won’t be able to win if you don’t possess rare minions, so don’t worry. Also, we’ll have a rating system for matching, so you’ll be matched depending on your win rates.

Triple Triad Adjustments

We’ll be adding in new Triple Triad cards and new NPC opponents to battle.
Additionally, we feel that the MGP payout is rather low, so we’re looking into increasing the overall amount of MGP in circulation.

Furthermore, we’re also looking into making adjustments to chocobo racing.

Upcoming Features

We’ll be adding a Gold Saucer category to the challenge log. Players will be able to plan out how they will earn the MGP each week.

New crafting recipes will be added.

We’re currently in the process of making existing ground mounts into flying mounts.
*Broadcast showed Ahriman and Bomb Palanquin mounts as examples

Company and Housing-related

House Sharing Feature
We’ll be adding a system that will allow you to give furnishing and gardening rights to five people of your choosing.

Interior lighting feature
We’ll be adding a furnishing that will allow you to adjust the brightness levels inside of your house.

Renaming Free Companies
We’ll be making it possible to change the name of your free company. However, once doing this, you won’t be able to do it again for a set period of time.

Removal of Inactive Houses
We’ll be adding a system that removes houses that are not in use. We’ll be announcing the criteria for removal in the future.