Rumor: FFXIV EU Servers Opening in October


Reddit user FFXIV_SURPRISE recently posted an image of what they claim is part of an internal document detailing information regarding Final Fantasy XIV’s European data center, later including information that was censored in the image.

Announced  by Naoki Yoshida during the London Fan Festival this past October, the EU data center is said to have cost £1.5 million and will run on Primergy hardware. It is also said that the European data center will house 256 servers across 19 racks (the document mentions that NA has 500 servers across 70 racks) with room to expand should the need arise.

The Reddit user almost mentions that the European platform will go live in October of 2015.

Of course we have absolutely no way of knowing if any of this is legitimate so for the time being we’ll be labeling this as a rumor.