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Review: Nom Nom Galaxy

6 Aug 2015


Slot cars, tower defense, a shooter- the variety of games under the PixelJunk brand has just been expanded with the official release of Q Games latest: Nom Nom Galaxy. It might also be up for an award somewhere for having such a crazy name.

Read on for our review.

In Nom Nom Galaxy you take on the incredibly important job of an Astroworker and are assigned a mission- explore the galaxy in order to make soup. Yes, you read that right, NNG is a game where you make soup. In order to accomplish this task and get 100% of the market share for each planet you have to construct your own soup factory while also scavenging your new surroundings for ingredients to combine into new flavors of soup.

While each level will present its own set of challenges with its terrain and types of available ingredients, each world usually starts the same. You (crash) land and immediately find a suitable location to start building your new soup factory. I’ve found that it’s always a good idea to explore a little bit before making the decision of where you make your home as the distance to pockets of ingredients buried under the surface can be important early on when wanting to get your soup going quickly.

The first step is to build a Soup Machine so that you can combine ingredients which means that the next step is… finding ingredients! There are twenty different ingredients to choose from in the galaxy and you can pair them with any one of the other ingredients which gives you a whole lot of room to play. Of course, in order to make all of those flavors of soup you’ll need to travel all over the galaxy since a single planet won’t have all of the necessary materials for every possible combination. After you combine your first two ingredients and make a soup you then need to construct a Soup Rocket that will ship the soup out.


After that, expansion of your factory comes in the form of adding new Soup Machines to produce new flavors and adding additional rockets so that you can send out multiple cans of soup at once. You can also build  corridors which the robots will traverse across in addition to giving you zero-gravity elevators when building them vertically, allowing you to dive underground to collect ingredients more easily. You’ll have to be careful about where you clear out the terrain though, as disconnecting a large chunk of land by cutting through the bottom will cause everything above to collapse on itself! This can also have a terrible effect on factory building so it’s important to look at where the immovable terrain is so that you can build a sturdy base- and prevent yourself from dying in a terrible collapse.

There are also a large selection of robots for purchase that can help carry about a variety of tasks such as carrying both ingredients and cans of soup throughout your factory, which they’ll then place in the proper machine or rocket. These robots become increasingly helpful as your factory expands, allowing more aspects of the soup making process to become more automated.

The last piece of Nom Nom Galaxy comes with the rival companies that will attack your soup factory. As you battle it out for the soup market, your rival will send waves of enemies that will attempt to demolish your factory. You can build turrets on top of your factory to defeat your would be destroyers and if that fails you can go up top yourself and start punching them as a last resort. Sadly this aspect of the game isn’t terribly exciting and while I can understand why it might be there from a story perspective, it comes across as more of an annoyance that happens every so often that takes you away from the rest of the game.


The exploration in NNG is important as doing so will allow you to gather resources to expand your soup factory as well as stumble upon new things that can be turned into soup. It’s important to make sure you have a clear path back to your factory as you explore as you’ll want to be able to get soup ingredients back as quickly and easily as possible. There are even some enemies that you’ll need to defeat either with the buzz saw that you use to cut through the terrain, or by simply punching them to death until you’re able to pick them up and carry them back to your factory to be turned into soup. The enemies range from giant beasts to smaller corn and tomato monsters. Some of the planets you can explore in the game are quite large and make it seem like the exploration factor could be a game in itself.

Being able to make your own giant soup factory and expand it deep underground while battling local species to turn into soup is a lot more enjoyable than it sounds. Nom Nom Galaxy brings the same amount of oddity and quality that you would expect from a title with the PixelJunk name attached to it along with the added effect of stealing hours of time without you even realizing it. It’s definitely easy to get lost in the exploration and factory construction of this game.

Nom Nom Galaxy is now available on PC and PlayStation 4.

~ Final Score: 8/10 ~

Review copy provided by Q Games for PS4. Screenshots taken by reviewer.