Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 80


Things have finally settled down a bit since E3 and our special Heavensward Early Access stream and we’re getting getting ready for our next episode!

To do that though, we want your help! Let us know what you’ve accomplished in Heavensward so far! Drop a comment below with your name, world, and bragging rights and we’ll make sure to read them on the next episode which is scheduled to stream live on our Twitch channel this Saturday (July 25th) at 5:00 PM EDT

While you’re at it, don’t forget to check out this post about what minions the members of the Final Fantasy XIV team would want in real life. Make sure to leave a comment and let us know what minion you would want in real life and we’ll read those on the air!


6 thoughts on “Bragging Rights: Aetheryte Radio 80

  1. Nikki Seven from Leviathan. i181 main character, i175 alt before Alexander normal dropped. Both PLDs. Alexander story mode cleared day 1. Looking forward to more poopsocking for Alexander Savage.

    1. Congrats! That’s awesome. I’m very interested in how Savage changes up the raid. :) I wonder if it will be as hard as Twin before the nerfs. Or what we will see. :)

  2. Nictendo Aeroven from Cactuar here. Got my WHM to lvl 60 while enjoying the story. Still working on AST but at least I’ve managed to clear Alexander. Going to start working on clearing Coil until Savage Alex

  3. Alley Cataru – Midgardsormr – (JAG) Just Another Guild – – finally at zeta stage on old relic, I’m OTR and work 80+ hours so I’m thankful for the nerfs. Props to all the folks that fight for stuff out of the gates, but Yoshida-San does right by not letting many of us get left in the hardcores’ dust. Still not 60, but ran The Aery for the first time and got Tyrfing drop there. Can’t wait for 58 and a real healing spell. Most of all just having fun. Love you guys!

    1. Oh! And c’mon, who wouldn’t want a moogle? Kupo!

  4. Riko Roko, previously of Sargatanas now on Hyperion – moved servers to play with real life friends. Have reached level 60 on my BLM and am really enjoying the new rotation, much more challenging! I was the first of my friends to reach 60, and have been helping them run dungeons to finish the story; also managed to get my SMN to 54 as well as my WVR, and have started doing the level 60 dungeons. Looking forward to the patches!

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