Hands On With Overkill's The Walking Dead On StarVR

10 Jul 2015


A few weeks back at E3 we got a chance to sit down and try the new StarVR with Overkill’s The Walking Dead game.

What we experienced was hands down the best virtual reality demo we’ve ever taken part in, and while not terribly practical for home use because of the set up, it was certainly a lot of fun!

Every year at E3 there’s always something that I take on as my “mission” of sorts. Something that I see that I just have to make time for. This year it was a chance to check out a Walking Dead demo in virtual reality- there was no way I was going to pass this up. I even convinced Gahoo and Anwyll to give it a try! Just look at how much fun Gahoo is having!

2015-06-16 17.22.55

The demo starts you off in a hospital with a couple of survivors- unfortunately for you, you’re paralyzed below the waist and are in a wheel chair, thus being a burden to the two characters. Thankfully one of the characters wants to get everyone out in one piece and so for the demo you’re being pushed along. It’s very much on rails, but the wider view range that the StarVR gives you is great, letting you see all around you, including the person pushing you in the chair.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Walking Dead anything without some walkers showing up. You’re given a shotgun (both in game and by the attendants) that’s complete with tracking so that however you move it in your hands is how it displays in the game. As you’re moving down the hallways of the hospital, the walkers come out of various doors and it’s your job to to blast them away. The attendants would even shake the wheel chair you were in as some of them popped up, giving you real-time force feedback.

You finally make it outside, however the kind woman that was pushing your wheelchair was taken away from you (and eaten), and the other survivor simply tells you how it is after you’ve run out of ammo. “Fuck this, you’re on your own!”. At this point in the demo, you’ve just left there, stranded in a wheelchair, unable to move as zombies walk and crawl their way towards you, one of them crawling up your legs into your lap as the demo ends.

2015-06-16 14.32.51

One of the people that did this demo before us actually started kicking his foot at the zombie crawling up his leg at this point and I thought if this can get that kind of reaction out of anyone then Overkill has done their job well!