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Carbuncle Plushes At SDCC... And They're Gone!

9 Jul 2015

Back at E3, Naoki Yoshida revealed two brand new items being made available to fans of Final Fantasy XIV. The two Carbuncle plushes would premiere at Japan Expo in Paris, and then at San Diego Comic Con before being made available online.

When San Diego Comic Con opened its doors on preview night, we’re told that these cute little guys were sold out within the first hour!

While unfortunate for all those at SDCC that haven’t gotten one yet, on a larger scale this is good news! At E3 we asked Yoshida about the Carbuncle plushes and followed up with our comments from Fan Fest where we asked why Japan had so much FFXIV merchandise but other regions had next to nothing. Yoshida told us that these Carbuncle plushes are the results of their first battle with the merchandising department.

Hopefully Square Enix takes note of this and realizes that other regions outside of Japan would love to get their hands on some Final Fantasy XIV merchandise!