Zero Escape 3 Announced for Summer 2016


The game that Aksys has been teasing for months has finally been revealed.

A few months back, a website known as “4infinity” popped up, with a countdown and random words strewn about it. A pretty typical teaser style site, but what it was teasing had fans riled up. Its links to both Aksys Games and Japanese game developer and writer Kotaro Uchikoshi led fans to believe it was counting down to one of two possible announcements. One theory was that it was for a localization of the Infinity series of visual novels. The other possibility was an announcement for the long-awaited Zero Escape 3.

Doubts were had about both possibilities. The Infinity series only saw one Western release in the form of Ever17 by a now-defunct localization studio, and with pure visual novels still a niche genre in this part of the world, it’d be surprising to see these older games brought over. On the other hand, the Zero Escape series, despite cult popularity in the West, pretty much bombed in Japan and put the future of the series in jeopardy.

One of the theories, though, was proven true today during Aksys’ panel at Anime Expo. A teaser trailer was shown featuring an English voice-over, followed by a well-known piece of music from the Zero Escape series. There are no more doubts: Zero Escape 3 is in development, and has been announced for release in Summer 2016. Uchikoshi made an appearance following the trailer to fully confirm the news.

A fan uploaded a video of the announcement to YouTube, which you can check out below!