Refunds for FFXIV’s Mac Client- Sales Stopped Temporarily


There has been a lot of buzz going around since the release of Heavensward, which also marked Final Fantasy XIV’s launch on Mac.

Performance issues have been plaguing Mac users since its release and today Naoki Yoshida has announced that if you were one of the players that picked up the Mac client, you will be eligible for a refund.

The reason for the issues Yoshida states, is that users were not properly notified of the system requirements for the game prior to its launch- which happened earlier than it should have. In fact, the requirements that were released weren’t even the correct ones due to there being several lists of requirements internally. The list Square Enix planned to release would have been dependent upon the results of last minute efforts to improve performance with the client and unfortunately the wrong list ended up being released.

Until Yoshida feels that people have been properly informed about the Mac client’s requirements, all sales of the Mac version of FFXIV have been stopped.

You can read the full post from Naoki Yoshida here.

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  1. whomp whomp. To be fair- the game is pretty playable on laptop-high settings at 1280×800 in windowed mode. Occasional framerate drops to 20fps, but usually sits above 30, and sometimes even hits 60 in less populated areas.

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