Gamer Escape and Discord

23 Jun 2015


Today we’re excited to announce that Discord users can now search and link to pages in the Gamer Escape FFXIV Wiki directly from the Discord App!

Want to find a page about a certain item while talking with your friends? Simply type in /gamerescape and the name of the item and you’ll see a list of matching results that you can then choose to link in the chat for everyone to easily access!

You can check out the new FFXIV page for Discord here.

We spent this past weekend using Discord with a special Gamer Escape channel to connect with many users while we streamed early access for Heavensward. We loved how easy it was for people to join in either to send messages into the chat, or to throw on a headset and talk with us during our stream. We’re excitedly thinking of ways that we might use Discord for future Gamer Escape events.

For those wanting to use Discord for their Free Companies, the mobile app makes it incredibly easy for you stay in touch while you’re out IRLing or away from a PC. If you aren’t with a group, Discord makes it easy for you to share a link to your channel with someone else, allowing them to join in without the need to install anything or set up a server connection- a great solution for those wanting to start up a party finder group.

Now that Discord has the ability to search the Gamer Escape FFXIV Wiki, it’s a even greater option for Final Fantasy XIV players that want a quick and easy voice (or non-voice) chat solution.