We Asked The FFXIV Team: What Minion Would You Want In Real Life?


Last year at E3 we had the oppurtunity to ask the Final Fantasy XIV team which NPC they would romance if given the option. Everyone seemed to like that fun question and so we decided that we’d ask another equally important question! This time we asked them which minion they’d like to have in real life!

Read on for their responses!

Bluebird_PatchNaoki Yoshida

Minion: Bluebird

The Bluebird because it’s cute, but it also brings you luck. You can’t work hard to get lucky, so you can never obtain luck just by working hard. If I was lucky then that luck would probably be passed on to our players.


Miniature_Minecart_PatchMichael-Christopher Koji Fox

Minion: Miniature Minecart

NO question. Miniature Minecart. Sure it’s not the cutest minion out there, but you could toss some ice and a couple of cold adult beverages in it and you’d be ready for anything the world threw at you!



Wind-up_Louisoix_Patch Matt “Bayohne” Hilton

Minion: Wind-up Louisoix

I’d go with Wind-up Louisoix. I feel like I’d be pretty safe in almost any situation with him by my side. I mean, if he’s able to stave off Bahamut’s onslaught, even if only briefly, then anything I may encounter would be pretty simple for him!



Magic_Broom_PatchDevin “Camate” Cassadey

Minion: Magic Broom

There are quite a bit to choose from, and w hile some might make for very great companions, I would have to go with the Magic Broom. I definitely like to have a clean home, but sometimes I really don’t want to be bothered with cleaning. Time is a very valuable thing, and I think having a minion that cleans my entire house would save a lot of time. Naturally I would keep this a secret from my wife, and make her think that I am being extremely industrious each and every day.


Baby_Raptor_Patch Colby “Grekumah” Casaccia

Minion: Baby Raptor

I happen to keep lizards as pets, so if it came down to choosing just one minion it would be the Baby Raptor. It would be the coolest experience ever to raise a cute baby raptor! Could you imagine getting to watch it explore and eat little insects? OK maybe I’m the only person who would find that exciting. Now here is a bonus, if the minions get to grow in the real world I could totally ride my raptor up the 405 Freeway to get to work! Weaving in and out of traffic while giving everyone a shaka on raptorback!


Dust_Bunny_PatchAnthony “Zhexos” Caraway

Minion: Dust Bunny

It’s evil looking and cute at the same time and I love seeing them run. I turned into one of these guys during the seasonal event and smile seeing them running with their mouth open. I wouldn’t mind having one of these guys sitting on the corner of my desk staring at me.



ar3iconNow we pose the question to you!

If you could have any of Final Fantasy XIV’s minions in real life, which one would you pick? Why?

Drop your comments below and we’ll read them on the next episode of Aetheryte Radio!

6 thoughts on “We Asked The FFXIV Team: What Minion Would You Want In Real Life?

  1. Midgarsormr is the minion I would choose. Who wouldn’t want a small dragon following them around.

  2. Only one? Hmm. I’m currently partial to my Nutkin for sheer adorableness. But I have to say the Kidragora if for no other reason that it’s my FCs mascot.

  3. I’ll take the Tapir, because it eats dreams and is really cute.

  4. Plush Carbuncles! Wait I can have them…

    Lesser Panda? Hmm, it’s hard to have one, but they already exist…

    Accompaniment Node then, I guess

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