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Lorecraft: Floating Continent and the Warring Triad

10 Jun 2015


Since Heavensward was announced back in October during the Las Vegas Fan Festival, we were told that we would see the Floating Continent from Final Fantasy VI. At the time, many people assumed it would become the new 24 man raid just as Final Fantasy III’s Crystal Tower had been the raid for A Realm Reborn.

At PAX East, a new trailer was released. The Tour of the North gave us a look at some of the locations that we will explore when Heavensward releases next month and those with a good eye saw even more elements from the Final Fantasy VI inspired area. A shot right at the end of the trailer shows three statues off in the distance atop the Floating Continent – the Warring Triad.

With the most recent Letter from the Producer Live, we got a closer look at the dungeons that will be available for players at the launch of Heavensward. Among them are two that appear to take place on the Floating Continent. During the brief preview of these dungeons we can see a few interesting elements such as a model of the Crystal Tower and several species encased in tubes including several Ixal that date so far back that they still have their wings!

But would could these things mean?

Time to craft us some lore!

The Ark Theory

With every era, there are Archons: those that read the history of the world and understand the cycle of destruction and attempt to warn the people of the coming disaster. We had them when Dalamud was descending in the form of the Circle of Knowing, and there were Archons that existed during the end of the Third Astral Era before the earth shattered, putting an end to the reign of the Allagan Empire and burying the Crystal Tower.

When we spoke to Koji Fox at the Las Vegas Fan Fest we talked about the Archons and their warnings along with the technology the Allagans possessed around the time of their demise. The Allagans had created Dalamud and sent it into space. What’s to say that they didn’t have other space ships, or other things that were off the ground?

MCKF: Then there’s the question “So.. if they had spaceships did one or two of them get away?” I’m making my “I don’t know…. maaaaybe?” face.

I previously theorized that the Floating Continent was created as a way for the Allag to avoid the earth-shattering events that brought about the Fourth Umbral Era. Is it possible that those that heeded the Archons warning created some type of Noah’s Xande’s Ark in order to preserve all life?

While this theory is certainly possible, why hasn’t the Floating Continent since descended in an attempt to re-populate the planet? Where are the Allagans that survived atop this grand structure in the sky?


The Museum

In the video that showcases the Dungeons of Heavensward, when we first get a look at what we can only assume is the Floating Continent we’re met with a very interesting shot.

At first people might just see “oh, some Allagan stuff”. Upon further inspection “Oh hey! That’s the Crystal Tower there!”.


Looking at it even longer will allow people to see it all- this first room is a showcase of the Allagan furniture that’s currently in the game.

Why would there be a giant furniture room? Could it be that the Allagan have set up some type of room to showcase their furniture like some exhibit? Granted, I might be tempted to do something similar in my own home however here it’s different. The question is why is it on a display? And was it the Allag that put it here? Or was it some group that came later, who decided to include an Allagan Exhibit in their floating museum in the sky?

Of course it could also be that all of those “modules” are serving their correct purpose I suppose, which may turn out to not actually be providing comfort to our two lower cheeks as previously assumed.

Further support for the Museum theory can be seen again, in the hallway with the tubes of creatures. If you look closely (more evident in the video) you’ll see small rope fences between the tubes. Additionally, you can see plaques in front of each different group.


This is the same kind of plaque that can also be seen right in front of the room with all of the Allagan furniture.


So what we can gather is that the Allagans or perhaps or some other group created this museum that houses various creatures, and showcases civilizations. The three questions this brings up are why make such a museum? What is the admission fee to see all these awesome exhibits? And could this be the Marvel-Final Fantasy crossover we’ve all been waiting for?




FFXIV_Artwork_052The Warring Triad

Here’s where things get a little interesting. Seen for the first time during the Tour of the North video (if you have a really good eye) the three statues that make up the Warring Triad can be seen on the Floating Continent. The triad has their origins in Final Fantasy VI where they were three gods (Demon, Fiend, and Goddess) that ended up creating the Espers (avatars, primals, etc.) to act as slaves for the gods in the War of the Magi. Eventually, the Triad came to realize the destruction that their war was creating and they decided to seal away their power and free the Espers.

So, how could this translate into the world of Final Fantasy XIV? It actually looks like there might be more in common than we think thanks to a passage from the Dusty Tomes.

“Since the peace among the Twelve was broken and life was created to wage their wars, six cycles of the Eras have come to pass in keeping with the elemental order.” – The Five Ages (Dusty Tomes; 2010)

In the tomes, it’s said that the peace of the Gods was no more, and that life was created to fight their wars which resulted in the cycling of the Astral and Umbral eras. Now the big question that arises here is what “life” was created by the Twelve? Was it the five races?  Was it the Primals? Was it all life?

Something important to note here is the date attached to the quote from the Dusty Tomes. It was before A Realm Reborn was announced and therefor was a part of the original plan for this game and its world. It could be entirely possible now that the Twelve did not create life to wage their wars and instead it was the Warring Triad. It’s anyone’s guess at this stage.

However, one thing we can dig into a little bit from the origins of the Triad is that they created Espers and how that could potentially transfer into Eorzean history.

Actually, let’s talk about Primals, instead. Sorry Triad.

In Final Fantasy VI, when an Esper is defeated it leaves behind Magicite, which is the purest form of its power. The soul of that Esper remains anchored to that Magicite and can then be summoned back into their physical form. Now in Final Fantasy XIV, replace Magicite with Aether and we may have just proved the existence of the Primal essences!

This is further backed up by the new updates coming to Summoner which will allow them to build stacks of “Bahamut Aether”. Is it simply Bahamut-flavored Aether? The energy drink of choice for the Garlean Empire? Nay, it’s Aether which Bahamut’s soul is bound to – something that is probably all over the damn place after the Calamity (and especially after the Final Coil, when his physical form was finally returned to the land).

In Final Fantasy VI, the Gestahlian Empire discovered Espers and captured them in order to fuel Magitek. Capturing Primals isn’t new in Eorzea; look to the Ultima Weapon. Enslaving things to use them as a source of energy for something isn’t new, either. In fact, the Allagans enslaved an entire civilization of Meracydian dragons for the sole purpose of supplying the prayer required to maintain the elder primal Bahamut so that he could aid in powering the Crystal Tower.

If that’s not impressive enough, the Allagans had two such weapons – Ultima and Omega. We’ve already seen one of these in action, excavated by the Garleans in Ala Mhigo and used against us in the Praetorium. The Ultima weapon was able to absorb Primals and potentially their essences/souls. The functions of the Omega weapon are currently unknown, but there is a fair chance that it feeds off Primal Aether in order to operate.


The Allagans had the technology to absorb and enslave Primals. This much we know already. But this also helps to lend more support to a question we had awhile back regarding the Aetheric Seal in Mor Dhona. How exactly was it that there was all of this aetheric energy housed under Silvertear Lake? Furthermore, why do we see Primals shooting out of it once the seal is broken? My proposal is that the Allagans sealed them there (or rather, their Aether). Like Magicite in Final Fantasy VI, the souls of the Primals remained anchored to the aether that was sealed away. When the seal was broken, we didn’t see physical, living forms of those Primals escape, but rather their souls or essences. What purpose would the Allagan have had to keep all of this energy sealed? We had Dalamud, a large station created to house Bahamut to channel energy into Syrcus Tower, and now we have a fountain of Aether located in the lake right next to where the tower itself was located! Could it be possible that the Aetheric Seal was created to act as a “backup” battery for the tower in the event that Dalamud malfunctioned? Or was it simply created as a reservoir of primals that could be opened up in order to power their machines when needed, like a giant pack of batteries?


And speaking of Syrcus Tower, do you all recall how that ended? Nero had all but given up on the tower after the storyline ended with the events in the World of Darkness, going so far as to throw his little energy reading device into the abyss surrounding the tower. As he walks away however, we hear a very faint beeping sound. Yoshida has said before that he’s open to the idea of including Eureka into Final Fantasy XIV. In FFIII, Eureka was an optional dungeon that could be accessed through the bottom of the Crystal Tower. So now, we potentially adventure into Eureka, a realm underneath Mor Dhona. But wait! Wasn’t that Aetheric Seal that housed all of that Primal Aether also underground in Mor Dhona?

Now that could be interesting! Will Eureka have any connections to the location of the Aetheric Seal? Could Yoshida be planning to combine Final Fantasy III’s Eureka with the Esper World of Final Fantasy VI? Will Eureka even be in Heavensward?

We don’t know, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to think about!