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Trails of Cold Steel Heading West

5 Jun 2015


The Trails series isn’t done yet folks!

XSeed has been hard at work over the past couple of years on finally getting The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC released in the West, and its release is expected later this year. However, rumors have been floating around about a possible Western release of another entry of the series: Sen no Kiseki, or Trails of Cold Steel.

Many, including myself, were doubtful. After all, it’s taken years for just the second entry of the Trails series to see a release. Cold Steel is the most recent entry in the series in Japan, and releasing it over here would mean skipping a couple of other older entries.

However, today, XSeed has confirmed the rumors to be true. Posted on their Twitter page earlier today, XSeed has announced that both Trails of Cold Steel and its sequel, Trails of Cold Steel II are on their way for Western audiences! The games were released in Japan for PS3 and Vita, and it can be assumed they will reach the same systems here.

No further details have yet been announced, although XSeed says more details are on their way, both via their blog and at E3.

Image courtesy of Falcom