Six Years Ago...

3 Jun 2015


On June 3rd 2009, Sony held their E3 press conference. During the presentation, “project rapture” was revealed as Final Fantasy XIV.

Only hours after the announcement, we launched Eorzeapedia – a site that we hoped would one day be the culmination of the best the Final Fantasy XIV community had to offer.  We were a few guys and gals that were passionate about the online Final Fantasy titles and simply started a website for the next one.  Six years later we’re still here – with a new name and with some new people (but a lot of the original ones too), but, most importantly, with the same goal of providing an information hub and community for the larger FFXIV community.

In the last six years we have seen a lot of change in FFXIV.  We suffered through the dearth of information that was pre-alpha and alpha stages, the agony of NDAs related to the beta version, the problematic 1.0 launch, and the painful, painful time period when the future of FFXIV was uncertain.  Nevertheless, we stuck it out and reveled in the launch of A Realm Reborn in August 2013.

It is unfortunate that many FFXIV sites have come and gone in the last six years. Some sites have been shut down, controlled by larger entities that covered the game more for profit than out of love.  Some sites have become inactive because their staff simply decided they didn’t want to dedicate further time to their side projects.  News sites, forums, podcasts, databases and wikis have all come and gone.

We are still here for two reasons.

First, we want to be here.  We want to build a site that has the information that the players want – not that a corporate parent who doesn’t know FFXIV from SWTOR thinks we want.  We are all players of FFXIV.  And by that I mean we are players of FFXIV.  Not “we have accounts” so we qualify as “players” – but players like you.  We play daily.  We clear (or try to clear) final coil.  We slogged our way to a Zodiac weapon (or are still slogging, not naming names…).  We died too many times to count at the feet of Titan Extreme and Twintania, but all of it in the worthwhile pursuit of that one, single, solitary, moment when you get the clear.  We watched every bit of the story (perhaps some more than others), and cried (or felt like we could have) at the conclusion of Patch 2.55.

But, even more important that the first reason, is the second reason – you.  We are here because the community is what makes this game special.  Whether it is hanging out in our IRC channel discussing the game, or meeting the community at live events like Fan Fest, E3 or PAX – the community makes this site work and makes it worthwhile for us to keep dedicating our time to it.  We are constantly trying to take whatever free time we have and improve the site to make a better user experience for you.

So with six years behind us, we’re looking Heavensward to the upcoming FFXIV expansion.  And like with the launch of A Realm Reborn, we felt that the movement Heavensward would be a good time to take a full blown look at the site and implement some much needed improvements.  We’re not only cleaning it up a bit for you all, but we’ve improved our design and made a few changes.

So here’s a glimpse of what will be Gamer Escape 3.0.  Please look forward to it.


*Image shows a work still in development. The final product will vary.

Note: we occasionally feel the desire or have the opportunity to post about the site, our thoughts, our plans.  We did  so in 2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014.  These posts are still worthy of a read if you haven’t read them before and have made it all the way down here.