Square Enix Wants You To See How Final Fantasy XI Ends


Square Enix has held the Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign several times, however this one which starts just hours from now at 12:00 AM PDT may be one of the most important.

In March, Square Enix held a press conference to announce that Final Fantasy XI will be dropping support for PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 along with the news that the last major content update will arrive in November. Not to go out without a finale of sorts, Akihiko Matsui announced that a new scenario will be coming out in three parts between now and November. Titled Rhapsodies of Vana’diel, this new series of missions plans to give player’s both past and present a good way to end their adventures in Vana’diel.

With this new Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign, previous players will be able to login to their old characters for free and experience the beginning of the end for themselves with Rhapsodie’s of Vana’diel Chapter One.

The idea that Square Enix would allow players to come back free of charge to get closure on a world that has had such an impact on them is a lovely sentiment and it’s something that we here at Gamer Escape hope will continue on with the next updates in August and November that further progress the Rhapsodies story line.

There have been so many changes to Final Fantasy XI recently that returning from a prolonged absence can seem rather daunting. If you’re curious about Rhapsodies and the state of the game, make sure to tune into our Pet Food Beta live stream this Saturday as we check out the new missions.