FFXI Vana’diel Project Q&A


Today, on the official Final Fantasy XI forums, the community team published an english translation of FFXI Producer Akihiko Matsui’s answers to many of the players questions regarding the future plans for the game, and it’s two upcoming mobile titles.

Some of the hottest topics include:

  • Actual insight into why the decision was made to effectively discontinue development of new content due to costs as well as procuring enough PS2 development kits
  • Teasing that Rhapsodies of Vana’diel may take players to the frozen north, far east or mithra homelands
  • Clarifying that the mobile version will in fact not share character data with the PC version, (though data transfers might be possible) and for it’s initial release they are targeting releasing content up through Chains of Promathia
  • Discussing server merges after November, or what sounds like a special world transfer campaign.

This was a very in-depth and detailed explanation, to read the full post, click here.