DeNA and Square Enix Launch FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper in North America

The “greatest hits” of the main Final Fantasy series game comes to Android and iOS yesterday courtesy of DeNA. Starring a new character who is tasked with restoring records of classic Final Fantasy battles, players will re-live classic moments from the entire series in sprite-based 16-bit era fashion.

From DeNA:

Gameplay in FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper is as strategic and challenging as ever with the classic FINAL FANTASY Active Time Battle (ATB) system in place. Players battle their way through the most epic FINAL FANTASY moments, woven together for the first time on mobile with an all-new tale. Featuring skill-based interactive gameplay, players plan attacks, carefully choose tactics, and engage enemies in active time battles.

“The wait is finally over for fans who have been anxiously awaiting the release of FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper in North America,” said Shintaro Asako, CEO of DeNA West. “The game truly delivers the entire FINAL FANTASY universe that players know and love in one immersive experience that won’t disappoint.”

One thought on “DeNA and Square Enix Launch FINAL FANTASY: Record Keeper in North America

  1. Downloaded after posting this, it’s actually pretty fun despite the stamina to continue model a lot of F2P games use. Having said that, the stamina running out was only an issue one time for me and luckily I had six of the mythril items required to boost it to full. Seems like if you get really into it you’d only really actually have to pay money for an hour+ gaming session and that’s only if you simply couldn’t wait some time to continue. I’m okay with that.

    The game itself is a nice little “greatest-hits” of the single player series done in something like a 16-bit era style battle system. There’s no dungeon crawling with a world map or anything, but it is fun to run through some of the classic bosses with characters from across the series. It’s replaced my occasional 5-minute Bejewelled/Angry Birds/casual gaming session for now.

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