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Community Spotlight: The PAX East Button Giver

27 Mar 2015


Weeks before PAX East started in a snow filled Boston, I was browsing the FFXIV subreddit as part of my daily routine and I came across some very cool looking buttons that someone had made. Across social media I’ve seen a few FFXIV fans make their own buttons to hand out at PAX, which is popular for its pin trading. I’ve personally never thought much of it since I’m usually running around to appointments at these events and rarely have any “me” time.

While attending the Final Fantasy XIV panel, I noticed someone behind me getting a handful of small items delivered to them before the panel began, I turned to see that they were the very same pins I had seen on Reddit the week before! I got a quick look at them in person and I was a bit jealous of the small collection.

Later that day, I managed to find some time to go and check out the Shiva Battle Challenge at the Square Enix booth and that’s when I got to meet Rose- the person that was handing out these buttons to anyone and everyone who wanted a small token of their favorite Job in Eorzea while they waited in the hour and a half long line.

GE: What made you decide to make the job buttons to hand out?

Rose: Ever since the first PAX East, I’ve tried to do something for the community, be it quick fixes with cosplays or even standing in lines for other people while they run to grab food or bathroom. The last couple of years I’ve given out things, little gaming trinkets to just make people smile. This year, I wanted to narrow it down part of that community, one that I was involved with greatly, and that was the FFXIV community. I think I had just saw the 1.0 icons and went, “There! That’s my thing for this year!” and thought they were perfect for buttons.

GE: How many were made? How many did you hand out?

Rose: I made 50 of each job, so 500 in total. I’d say about 7 full sets were given away, and I only came home with about a dozen left (mostly SMN buttons -snicker-).

GE: PAX is known for pin trading. Did you get any cool pins in return? Or was there a memorable moment from someone you gave a button to?

Rose: I got nothing in return, which is exactly what I wanted, except for one thing. During the FFXIV panel when I was doing trivia (for the short time I was), I gave a DRG pin out to someone in the back, and it turned out to be a guy who goes by JoeNeverFails, a FFXIV streamer who I had run into the previous year. He gave me one of his pins in return and that actually made me really happy.


Rose goes by Zephsace Woodsoul on the Hyperion server where she leads a small Free Company called Tonberry Cutlery Inc. You can catch her and her boyfriend streaming over on their Twitch channel. As for future events? Rose tells us she’s planning on a new set of buttons for the Disciples of Hand and Land! Keep an eye on the FFXIV subreddit for more posts and keep an eye out for her at PAX East 2016!