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Hands On Impressions: Life is Strange Episode 2

26 Mar 2015


Last month we played the first episode of Life is Strange and we loved it.

Episode 2 came out this week and while we had a brief glimpse of it out at PAX East, being able to sit down and experience the entirety of the episode was once again a great experience.

While some of the issues we had with the dialogue were still present, the story picks up a great deal. The first episode had a large emphasis on introducing players to the mechanics and setting of the game. Now that players are familiar with everything, the story starts to pick up and while doing so, starts to get quite dark.

Episode 2: Out of Time deals with one of the smaller stories introduced in the first installment. When we’re first introduced to Kate Marsh, we see her being picked on by the rest of the students at Blackwell Academy and we don’t fully understand why. Throughout the first episode we get a few small hints at what might be going on. This episode gives us some insight into what happened with Kate Marsh while also leaving some breadcrumbs that seemingly connect it to the mystery of Chloe’s missing friend Rachel Amber.

The dark ending of episode 2 feels much more important than the conclusion of the first chapter and the emphasis of player choice impacting the story here couldn’t be stronger. However you decide to play Life is Strange, the way you end episode 2 will without a doubt have a strong impact on the story going forward.

We’ll continue with our episode impressions leading up to the fifth and final chapter where we’ll review the entire season.